With religious freedom governed by laws, organisations dedicated to advocating inter-religious harmony, and even major events receiving joint blessings from different religious leaders, it’s not hard to see why Singapore is often held up as an example of how people can co-exist peacefully even if they belong to different faiths.

On paper, it would appear that we have all the ingredients for religious harmony. But in the wake of rising extremism around the world, the bridges of understanding have never been more important. And making the effort to see the perspectives of those who are different from us is the first step.

Beyond national ideals, how do people here navigate faith, or the lack of it, in the spaces we share? The ‘tennis ball test’ which has explored racism and bigotry in Singapore now digs deeper into people’s experiences of living in multi-religious Singapore.

People with different religious beliefs were posted 25 uncomfortable questions about their faith.


Because you’ll never know what someone else is going through, until you ask.

Watch the video below.




What’s your experience of religious harmony in Singapore? Tell us by taking the poll below.


<h4>Have you ever been unfairly passed over for a work or school opportunity because of your faith?</h4>

<h4>Have you ever said in conversation, or online, that you don’t like people of a particular faith?</h4>

<h4>Have you ever been in a romantic relationship with a partner of a different faith?</h4>


To view the full list of 25 questions, click here.

Top Image: The Pride