I wish to express my heartfelt thanks to a Gojek driver, Mr Yeo, car plate number SMG8912K, who was a crucial eyewitness to my road traffic accident. He was the only driver to stop to render assistance.

On Aug 17, at about 12.30pm, with my helper in the passenger seat, I was driving from Jurong Port to Corporation Road to pick my son up from school.

I was driving in the middle lane when suddenly a lorry cut into my lane. Our vehicles collided. The collision was so serious that my car bonnet was badly smashed up. All the airbags in my car were deployed.

In a split second, I went from having a normal day to being full of fear, panic and confusion.

At that point, I was most worried about my helper in the passenger seat because after the accident, she couldn’t hear anything. She indicated to me that she was experiencing hearing loss due to the loud noise from the collision. Thankfully, her hearing returned after a few minutes. I was in shock but I recall experiencing pain on both my legs, back and especially on my right hand.

The vehicles were stuck in the middle lane. While I sat there in a daze in the wreck of my car, the lorry driver alighted but just kept texting on his phone and taking pictures of our vehicles. He didn’t even come over to apologise.

It was at this time that Mr Yeo, whose car was behind mine, came forward. He had witnessed the whole incident and he stopped his car behind mine and approached me to assist.

Things were still hazy from the collision but I remember him saying: “Don’t worry, I saw everything and I will be your eyewitness. “

Mr Yeo’s assurance helped me calm down and I asked for him to help us call the ambulance, Traffic Police and my son’s school. I also asked him to call a close friend of mine whose number I could remember off the top of my head as my phone was badly smashed in the incident.

Other cars slowed down around us but didn’t stop.

The whole time after the accident happened, Mr Yeo stayed behind to await the arrival of the ambulance and Traffic Police. He even helped me to talk to the lorry driver. After 15 minutes, the authorities arrived and Mr Yeo assured me that everything had been well taken care of before I was taken to the nearby hospital.

Even though it was a terrible incident, Mr Yeo saved my day. Without him around, I couldn’t have imagined what would happen to me after the trauma from the accident.

Few days after the accident, I called Mr Yeo and he helped me file a police report and gave me more advice on what needed to be done to close this whole matter. That was when I found out that he was a Gojek driver.

I am truly grateful and touched by his heroic act and kind gesture. He is a role model to all road traffic users.

Magdalene Ong

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Top Image: Magdalene Ong