The Mid-Autumn Festival is a time when families gather, children play with lanterns and we all get an excuse to indulge in delicious mooncakes!

This year, however, Covid-19 has put a different spin on things. Celebratory events have gone online due to restrictions put in place to contain the spread of the virus.

Yet, despite this drastic change, we still have the ability to help one another. Here are some ways you can give more people a reason to smile during the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Give someone a meaningful mooncake

Mid-Autumn Festival means mooncakes. They are delicious, they celebrate the occasion and there is a flavour out there for everyone. However, with the amazing variety of flavours and brands available, how can you make a difference while indulging your tastebuds?

Consider ordering the EV Mooncake Gift Set from the Enabling Village, presented by the i’mable Collective and prepared by individuals with disabilities from Metta Café and MINDS.

Mooncake set for Mid Autumn Festival
Image source: Enabling Village

The set comes with two mooncakes and a clay tea set with premium oolong tea leaves provided by teapasar. For the mooncakes, which are halal and vegetarian, you can choose between White Lotus Paste with Melon Seeds and Red Bean Paste with Melon Seeds.

Enabling Village is a space where people of all abilities can come together to work, learn and play. The emerald-green colour of the box represents the environment of the area. The triangles shown on the cover signifies the symbol of change in SG Enable’s logo which refers to the effort in working towards a more inclusive Singaporean society.

Proceeds go towards EV’s mission of a better Singapore that welcomes people from all walks of life.

Each gift set is $69.90 and more information can be found here. You can also order the mooncake gift set by e-mailing [email protected].

Aside from Enabling Village, the Mahabodhi Monastery is holding a charity drive to raise funds for its monastery operations fund.

Mooncake Charity Drive in Singapore
Image source: Eventbrite / Mahabodhi Monastery

Other than a place of worship, the Mahabodhi Monastery also functions as a community centre which offers areas for people to meditate and rest.

The charity drive is on till 7.30pm on Oct 1 at 8 Lorong Kilat. Full details can be found here.

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Buy mooncake-related collectibles for charity

If you like mooncakes but don’t want the guilt from eating too many of them, the Netherlands Charity Association is selling a mooncake paperweight to raise funds during this Mid-Autumn Festival. The ceramic paperweight bears a Chinese inscription 花好月圆 (hua hao yue yuan), directly translated means “blossoming flowers and a full moon” which is a reference to the perfect bliss and happiness of the celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Mooncake Paperweight for Mid Autumn Festival Fundraising
Image source: Facebook / NCA

This aesthetically pleasing paperweight will be useful during this period of time where most of us are working-from-home. But it is also a great conversation starter for colleagues now that more of us are going back to the office as Singapore looks to enter Phase 3 of our gradual reopening.

The NCA is a non-profit organisation that helps the expat community give back to the less-privileged in Singapore. It also supports five charitable organisations that share this same goal. These are the Breadline Group, the Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics (HOME), the Good Shepherd Centre, the Singapore Leprosy Relief Association SILRA and Project Pari.

Each paperweight costs $15 and you can purchase it online here.

Help feed the needy

Even during this time of festivities, not all of us have the basic necessities, let alone be able to celebrate in style. While some Singaporeans browse fancy artisan mooncakes, others barely afford to eat for the day.

That’s why SAGE Counselling Centre is holding an online fundraiser for elderly people living in low-cost HDB units.

Mid Autumn Festival Fundraising in Singapore
Image source: / SAGE Counselling Centre

For every $25 donated, a bento set packed with healthy halal food suitable for seniors along with a mooncake would be distributed to someone who needs it. Even if you can’t afford to sponsor an entire bento, every dollar donated counts towards the next set.

SAGE Counselling Centre is a non-profit organisation that offers various forms of support for older individuals who feel isolated or affected by issues, are dealing with family, relationship and work problems and those who need more information on available services for senior citizens.

Funds raised also go into funding its counselling programme, a Seniors helpline (1800 – 555 5555) and other services.

Its Mid-Autumn fundraiser ends on Oct 1 and the bento sets will be distributed the same day. You can donate here.

Giving during Covid-19

The pandemic has affected people in many ways. All of us have been dealt a blow but some have been hit harder than others. People are struggling to get the help they need, and many organisations helping them are suffering from reduced fundraising opportunities and volunteering restrictions.

You may not be able to contribute as much as you’d like but a little bit from many can build up into something big – every dollar donated makes a difference. It’s not just for Mid-Autumn, there are many causes beyond this festival that are ongoing. Find something you believe in, and make someone’s day a little easier.

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