#1 View and buy artwork from children with special needs

The Art Faculty
Image source: The Art Faculty

We spend Christmas in the company of our loved ones, and it is a time to connect, socially emotionally and physically. Children with special needs may struggle to express themselves, but they still want to love and be loved.

One way through which these children express themselves is through art, and The Art Faculty, which is a platform for special-needs people to pursue their passions and talents, is displaying artwork by Pathlight School students until Dec 19.

All proceeds will go to the artist. View their works online, or head down to the gallery at The Enabling Village to view them firsthand.

#2 Find an essential way to bond with your children

Parent Children Bonding Workshop
Image source: eventbrite.sg / Julz Chong

Family bonding time is extremely important. Not only will it improve parent-children relationships, what you do can also benefit both parties individually.

For Christmas, bond with your children at an Essential Oils workshop at 111 Somerset. All participants will learn the benefits and appropriate usage of essential oils together. You will also get to keep the items used during the session.

There will be two sessions held next week. Tickets cost $12. Sign up for the Dec 16 session here and the Dec 19 session here.

#3 Support local artists for a good cause

Pameran Poskad
Image source: Pameran Poskad

Located in ION Art Gallery, community art initiative Pameran Poskad is on display every day till Dec 20. These postcard-sized pieces of art have been crafted by locals from various walks of life and are for sale.

The initiative aims to give everyone the opportunity to create, collect and appreciate art. Participants range from internationally recognised artists to people on the street, with artwork in any shape and medium within the size of a postcard sleeve.

The organisers do not take a commission and most of the fee will go back to the contributing artist. A tenth of the proceeds will be donated to Beautiful People, a volunteer movement to mentor ex-convicts to create new possibilities in their lives.

Preview around 200 works online, or head down to the gallery yourself.

#4 Craft Christmas cards for elders

ACE Seniors
Image source: give.asia / ACE Seniors

Nobody should miss out on the joyous season of Christmas, especially not residents in nursing homes. Spread the festive cheer to our seniors by crafting your own Christmas cards for them. These cards can be in any language as long as it is in the language of love!

One campaign organised by ACE Seniors aims to include our elders in Christmas celebrations even during Covid. While we can’t physically be present, we can still show our appreciation for them by sending a card! Find out more here.

#5 Walk in the shoes of rental flat tenants

Superhero Me
Image source: Facebook / Superhero Me
Superhero Me, a community initiative to help the less fortunate realise their creative dreams, has an exhibition – HOMERUN – to showcase the artwork of five children till Dec 19.

Through their art, these five children, who live with their parents in rental flats, reflect on how the pandemic has been for them. Visitors will get to meet their families and get an intimate understanding of living in a rental flat through an hour-long tour and activities.

The exhibition is located in two rental flat units in the Lengkok Bahru area. Tickets cost $10 each, and all proceeds go to support inclusive arts work. Sign up here.

#6 Make a zine for self-care

The Moon
Image source: The Moon

Spend a mindful Christmas Eve by making a zine – a little booklet filled with whatever you like – at the Moon, an inclusive indie bookstore tucked in the heart of Chinatown. The session combines art with wellness by providing a space for self-healing using a creative medium. A ticket costs $25 and includes a free drink at the cafe.

The two workshop facilitators, Aqilah and Nadhirah, are artists who believe in caring for the community. Materials will be provided, but you can bring your own paper or decor too. Sign up here.

#7 Enjoy Christmas treats at restaurants staffed by people with special needs

Image source: Facebook / Iron Supper Club & APSN Cafe for All

APSN Café for All and Iron Supper Club have dished up a spread for their Christmas menus – available for dining in and delivery.

Running a restaurant with special needs staff requires a great amount of empathy and patience for open communication to take place. Let’s support them in their passions.

Check out APSN Cafe’s social media for the delivery menu and Iron Supper Club’s website for dine-in or delivery.

#8 Learn to make your own log cake

Online Baking Session
Image source: eventbrite.sg / allageentrepreneurs

You can’t have Christmas without having a log cake.
This year, instead of buying one, why not try something different by baking your own log cake? Join this online baking session by All Age Entrepreneurs and learn how to bake a Christmas log cake in your own kitchen! It would be the perfect chance to spend some time with the kids in a wholesome activity that ends with cake.

With a little bit of practice, you’d be ready to make it by yourself for your small Christmas gathering this year (or whenever you’re in the mood for log cake). Admission is free. Sign up here.

#9 Donate and receive shopping vouchers

CapitaLand Malls
Image source: Capitaland.com / Do Good This Season

While we are out and about doing Christmas shopping, let’s not forget those who may not be able to afford as much this festive season. Do your part in making our society more inclusive for the less fortunate.

From now till Dec 25, CapitaLand Malls is holding Brighten With Love, a donation activity in support of Community Chest. Simply Paynow $10 to Community Chest and receive a $5 eCapitalMall Promo code. Details and the donation QR code can be found here.

#10 Treat yourself with a good cause

Bangkok Jam
Image source: Bangkok Jam

This season is more than just for festivities. It’s also a great time to reward yourself for making it through this Covid-hit year. So what better way to pat yourself on the back than with a delicious dessert?

Bangkok Jam is introducing its Red Ruby Soufflé Pancakes for the Christmas season and will be donating 50% of the profits from its Great World outlet to St Theresa’s Home. Enjoying a delicious dessert while doing your part for a good cause? Now that’s a great combo to end the year.

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Ryan Teo contributed to this article.