Official National Day songs often generate lots of discussion. The great ones are often hummed over and over again and the others end up on Side B of a National Day mix-tape.

But apart from the “official” National Day songs, we also have many other songs, created by the people, that captures our character and spirit, often cheekily and showing an ability to laugh at ourselves.

So, cue drumroll, here’s our top five list of songs that nailed the Singaporean spirit like glorious wok hei on char kway teow:


This all-star version by Click Network features personalities like Irene Ang, Rebecca Tan and Xia Xue. National quirks like using tissues to reserve seats and begrudgingly putting parking coupons are also thrown into the mix, all in good and some say shiok humour.


A feel-good rendition reminding Singaporeans that at the end of the day, despite differing backgrounds and tolerance levels for sambal chilli, we’re simply stronger as a united people.


A tongue-in-cheek track that puts some of Singapore’s politicians in the limelight, using upbeat tempo and certain colloquial speak to broach on some sensational topics in the nation’s history. Highly addictive; very fun.


Nasi Lemak, Tau Huey and Bandung are crooned into song in the most elegant way possible by young local duo, The Freshman. In this theme song for Roystan Tan’s telemovie, Provision Shop, we are slurping up that Singaporean flavour to our identity.


Local blogger Mr. Brown has an alter-ego and his name is Kim Huat. Now, Kim Huat is not just Singapore’s number one National Day Parade song fan, he is also a huge getai music fan. Put the two together and you get this spirited number about how it’s ok to get it wrong sometimes — yes, even in Singapore.

Happy National Day, Singapore!

Top Image: YouTube