If you’ve ever felt the urge to answer the call of nature while trapped in a moving vehicle, you’ll know how helpless it can feel.

For one Gideon Choo, all this was made much worse by the fact that it was a number two that he felt coming while he was in a stranger’s car.

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In a post that Choo put up on the Ryde Singapore Community Facebook group page, the Ryde passenger and full-time national serviceman explained that he had booked a trip to travel from Pasir Laba Camp to Downtown East last Friday, at about 5.50pm.

Choo did not respond when The Pride contacted him.


According to his post, Choo’s woes started when he felt the rumblings of a stomach ache just as his driver – whom he identified as SH – was arriving to pick him up. Hoping to be considerate and not keep SH waiting, Choo decided to proceed with the ride and only relieve himself at his destination.

All seemed well, until his discomfort returned with a vengeance as the journey was underway. Choo began to experience flatulence, prompting SH to show concern and ask if he was alright.

Choo told SH that he “was okay” but requested that SH “find the nearest toilet”. As they were caught in a “long traffic jam”, SH offered to make a detour to Mandai so that Gideon could use the bathroom at a petrol station there.

Unfortunately, while they were enroute, Choo found that he could no longer hold it in and ended up defecating in his undergarments.

While others may have raised a stink after seeing a stranger soil themselves in their vehicle, SH simply “smiled and said it was okay”, and urged Choo to “rush to the toilet and clean [himself]”.


Once they arrived at a petrol station, Choo whipped out his wet wipes and cleaned the car seats “even though there wasn’t any stain there”. After he had cleaned himself up and changed, they proceeded with the journey.

Upon reaching his destination, Choo offered SH $50 for the trip that originally cost $27.50, hoping that the difference would compensate for the stench in his car and the time wasted on the detour.

Amazingly, SH initially declined the tip, and only acquiesced at Choo’s insistence.

Thanks to the compassionate driver, whom Choo described as “very nice, patient, and kind” in his post, what was certainly a funky incident managed to end on a more refreshing note, with Choo even telling SH that he hoped to have the chance to ride with SH again.