An eye-catching blue dinosaur pouch has been making the news since it was spotted being clutched by Madam Ho Ching at the White House. Accompanying her husband, Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, on a state visit, Madam Ho brought a Pathlight student’s handicraft to the public eye. The dino pouch, which is now sold out due to ‘overwhelming response’, is among the many handmade items available for sale at The Art Faculty.

As a space that features the artwork and merchandise of artists with autism and other challenges, The Art Faculty is an art gallery, a training ground, a DIY workshop buffet space as well as an art café all at once. It provides an exhibition platform for Pathlight School’s students and alumni under the school’s award-winning Artist Development Programme (ADP), enabling them to earn royalties from the sale of their pieces.

From everyday items like notepads and mugs, to art prints and T-shirts, The Art Faculty collaborates with various social enterprises such as The Animal Project and DoodleShop to showcase the creative works of artists with special needs.

While the dino pouch has yet to make its comeback, we thought these other wonderful art pieces and merchandise deserve some loving.


kindness, skm, art, help, compassion, pride

The 3 little pigs notebook

A6 sized, this 3 little pigs hardcover notebook reflects 12-year-old Tay Jun-Yi’s love for doodling animals in vicarious situations. Handy for penning down those midday thoughts.


kindness, skm, art, help, compassion, pride

Crocodile family mug

Filled with zest, this bright crocodile-print mug is the work of Kenny who has been painting for more than 10 years. The 400ml ceramic piece comes complete with a contrasting pink silicon lid, great for sipping a hot cuppa.


kindness, skm, art, help, compassion, pride

Small penguins T-shirt

Also a work of 12-year-old Tay Jun-Yi, this penguin print T-shirt comes in both male and female designs, while its cotton-polyester fabric keeps one cool under the tropical heat.


kindness, skm, art, help, compassion, pride

Abstract mind in green art print

Available in A2 and A3 sizes, this abstract canvas print was originally created by an 8-year-old using poster colours. One of the many series of paintings done by this prodigious tot, each print comes mounted on a wooden frame.


kindness, skm, art, help, compassion, pride

Leather feather-print coin pouch

Depicting birds as calm and still creatures, artist Selena Seow designed this feather-print pouch through the use of just colour pencils. Handcrafted with genuine leather, the cream coloured accessory makes sure you won’t ever lose small change.


For more handicrafts by these talented kids and alumni with special needs, check out The Art Faculty online, or pop by their brick-and-mortar stores at the Enabling Village and the Pathlight School.

You may also support the cause by following them on Facebook and Instagram.

Top Image: The Art Faculty