The world we live in today focuses too much on negativity. We often only hear about negative incidents and feedback as that’s what’s being shared around. As a result, it colours our view of the world around us and makes us feel like it’s worse than it really is.

I think it’s time for us to change our perspective and shift our focus towards the positive things that are happening around us.

Recently, private-hire drivers like those who drive for Gojek and Grab have been in the news, sometimes for the wrong reasons. In contrast, my experience with Singapore’s drivers, whether they are from Grab, Gojek or Comfort, has always been extremely positive.

I am a mother of a four-year-old child with special needs. Every day, I have to bring him to therapy sessions and classes, and due to his condition, we have to travel via a private-hire car or taxi.

Contrary to how they are complained about or portrayed online, the drivers I’ve met have all been wonderful people who always cheer me up and offer me good advice.

They are so supportive and caring. When it’s raining, they would ask me to walk slowly and to be careful. Some of them play nursery rhymes in their car for my son. One driver even encouraged me to drink more water and eat healthy food so I can care for my son well, while others tell me to drink milk every day.

When you meet people like that, it gives you so much strength to take on the challenges in life that come your way.

To all these drivers, your caring gestures may seem small to you but they have touched our lives in many ways. For helping me to have a more positive outlook, thank you.

Sheba Khan

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