If the idea of being confined to your home due to the recent “circuit-breaker” measures announced scares you, fret not! Staying home can be fun, enriching and with the Internet, there are many ways to stay connected with people from the comfort of your crib. Here are some healthy ways of keeping yourself mentally, spiritually and physically fit at home:

1. Sing it out with Smule

Singing application Smule for stay home times
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Love singing and miss serenading your karaoke buddies? Why not do it online! Smule allows you to sing your favourite songs with your friends or even complete strangers from across the globe. You might even get a chance to sing alongside your favourite artistes. Who knows, you might just find that one singer who best compliments you in a duet. So why sing alone? Unite with your music lovers out there!

2. Try out new recipes & share the love

Try new recipes while staying at home
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Staying home also means having more time to prepare meals. Now could be the best time to try out that trendy new recipe you’ve always promised yourself to do. Explore dalgona coffee, milo crepe cake, keto bread and those many recipes that have been going viral online. And if you’re wondering how you’re going to finish all these hot bakes, why not pack them into a little care package and give them to the neighbours with a lovely note?

3. Do a TikTok Challenge

Do a Tiktok Challenge
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Download TikTok and find a challenge that can engage both you and your family. Try learning a TikTok dance with your kid! Be ready to let loose and move those hips. As you challenge yourself to sync it up with each other, the experience might bring new moments of bonding between you and your loved ones.

4. Self-reflect with a Bullet Journal

Do a self reflect journal during circuit breaker
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Since staying home gives us all ample quiet time, why not set aside some extra time to reorganise your thoughts and feelings? Bullet journaling, or bujo if you want to sound hip, has no real rules. It is simply to write down, in bullet points… anything. It could be a to-do list, or thoughts for the day; things to be thankful for or lessons that you have learnt. It can be as barebones or as decorative as you want. Being self aware and planning ahead for the future by tracking your goals, desires and feelings may just be the calming exercise that will get you through the day. On a personal note, I’ve made it my goal to note down something I am appreciative of each day.

5. Get in a video call huddle

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It is nicer to hear the voice of a friend than to communicate via text messages, which can get a little impersonal sometimes. Call up a friend and find out how he or she is doing. Better still, do a video call so you can share a smile with a kind word. Even better yet, do it in a group: Form your own huddles where you can share thoughts freely and check in on each other to stay connected despite the physical distance. Find out how you can form new friendships, or even kickstart your own neighbourhood communities with Friendzone Online, which provides you with a community platform to connect through conversations online.

6. Work out with online videos

Do a workout from home
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All you need is some space, a water bottle and a focussed mind and you are set on your journey to getting stronger! Create and stick to a workout routine  with videos you can easily find online or apps. If you want motivation, you can always get an exercise buddy to keep you on track, whether in real life or via an app.  It is always easier to stay motivated if you have someone to share fitness goals with so don’t be shy to reach out. Don’t forget to leave a kind comment on the videos that you find useful!

7. Take courses online

Learn something online during circuit breaker
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Upskilling in this time of economic uncertainty can be something to consider. It is heartening to know about companies offering free online certification courses. There are also many e-learning resources online for kids to learn about the coronavirus and to help ease their fears.

8. Declutter

Declutter your belongings
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It might be time to clear out those old clothes in your wardrobe or look around your home for items you can give away. You can even declutter your fridge as part of a  lifestyle revamp. Share what you don’t need with others who may need them by donating or selling them. You may just find joy when you recognise that less is more.

9. Read and listen to books for free

Read or listen to audiobooks when staying home
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Swapping is the new buying and it’s better because it’s free! Connect with a fellow bookworm by sharing your personal collections with them and also get a glimpse of theirs. This app, created by a group of local students, allows users to list their books for lending or trading or to borrow books from others.

For kids, Amazon Audible offers an incredible collection of free audiobook stories in six different languages. And for everyone else, SPH Magazines is offering 3 months free subscription on three digital magazines so share it with your friends and loved ones who are staying home this COVID-19 period!

10. Put life hacks to the test

Lifehacks during circuit breaker and staying home
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Have you ever come across some brilliant everyday life hacks as you scroll through your social media channels? Now is the chance to test for yourself which of these tips can actually add to your quality of life. If things can be made easier with these hacks, then why not try them out?

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