Police officer Mohd Elfie Mohd Amin was running a few errands when he spotted an elderly uncle standing alone on the Pan Island Expressway divider, looking stranded and lost.

While other motorists zoomed on past, Mr. Elfie stopped to aid the man. As it turns out, he was an Indian national who was visiting Singapore to celebrate Hari Raya with his family. He had accidentally wandered onto the expressway after missing his bus stop.

No worries. After hearing his story, the off-duty policeman gave the uncle a ride home on the back of his bike. The entire incident was fortuitously captured on Mr Elfie’s new helmet camera and the video garnered more than 89,000 views on Facebook.

Property developer dons apron to cook ramadan dinner for migrant workers

Workers sitting down for the communal breaking of fast during Ramadan at Paya Lebar Quarter
Image Source: Facebook / Paya Lebar Quarter

Every Ramadan, Singapore’s migrant workers continue to toil under the hot sun, thousands of miles away from their families.

To thank them for their efforts, executives from property developer Lendlease and community leaders donned aprons on June 1 to cook a Ramadan dinner for the 200 or so migrant workers they employ.

At Lendlease’s Paya Lebar Quarter development, the “chefs” prepared food and served the workers before sitting down to join them for the communal breaking of fast.

Speaking to Today Online, Paya Lebar Quarter’s managing director Mr Richard Paine said: “Many of (them) are far away from their families and loved ones during this time. This is an opportunity for us to take on a proactive role in planning recreational activities for our migrant community to meet their social and cultural needs.”

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They lost their child, but found a new calling

Zarouhi Singla was just 10 months old when she lost the battle against Biliary Atresia.

The congenital liver condition, which affects one in 15,000 infants, took her young life in September last year following a failed liver transplant from her father, Mr Sandeep Singla.

Despite losing their daughter, Mr Sandeep and his wife, Neha Wilson, did not lose their faith and fighting spirit. In the wake of their loss, the couple set up Bless a Braveheart, a nonprofit that raises funds for needy children at National University Hospital, where Zarouhi received her treatment.

“We couldn’t save our own child, but we want her legacy to stay alive and other kids to be helped,” said Mr Sandeep, speaking to The Straits Times.

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Meet the neighbours who are Making Yishun Great Again

 Contents of the care packages to delivered to the Yishun residents of Singapore
Image Source: Twitter / @mastcells

Cat abuse, gruesome murders and some freaky giant caterpillars which look like they’ve just escaped from a horror movie. Over the years, Yishun has provided Singapore with plenty of entertaining moments.

However, a group of Yishun youths have set out to change this perception and #MakeYishunGreatAgain – by delivering care packages to Yishun residents. On June 10, packages containing packs of Milo, flavoured bread rolls and greeting cards signed Love, Your Neighbours appeared on residents’ doorsteps.

Dear Yishun youths, we don’t know your names and we only have one Instagram picture of you, but The Pride salutes you for being a kindness vigilante!

No train? No problem! Kindness never gets delayed

Crowed hour at the Jurong East MRT
Image Source: Facebook / All Singapore Stuff

Who knew that SMRT train delays could bring out the best in Singaporeans?

Two days ago, Nurul Izzah Khamsani was waiting for a cab at Jurong East MRT when she spotted an elderly woman waiting by the road. She was also left stranded by the train delays.

After speaking to the woman, Nurul found out that they were heading to the same destination and decided to give her a free ride on the cab she booked.

That’s not the end of this heartwarming story. When the taxi driver, Mr Koh, learned about Nurul’s kind act, he passed on the kindness by giving her a $16 discount on their taxi ride.

Best part of this story? They were heading to Yishun. #MakeYishunGreatAgain

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Students paint homes to give residents a wall-some Hari Raya

Student volunteers from Singapore's Clementi Town Secondary School posing wih paint buckets
Image Source: Facebook / Rahayu Mahzam

This Ramadan, 41 student volunteers from Clementi Town Secondary School gathered together to repaint the homes of five underprivileged Muslim families in Bukit Batok.

The families, identified by Jurong ward MP Madam Rahayu Mahzam, did not have the resources to refurbish their aging walls. To lend them a hand, the students gave their time and energy while stakeholders, Everpaint Enterprise and Egrade contractor, contributed materials worth up to $1,500.

Thanks to their combined efforts, the families celebrated Hari Raya Puasa with clean, freshly-painted walls.