It doesn’t take much to be a real, everyday hero on Singapore’s roads.

Good Samaritans to the rescue

During the morning rush hour on Friday, Sept 7, dashcam footage from an unknown driver caught a van clipping a motorcyclist along the BKE.

In the video posted by the Singapore Road Vigilante (SGRV) Facebook page, a van can be seen swerving into the furthermost right lane, knocking the motorcyclist off his bike and onto the path of oncoming traffic, before driving off without stopping.

As the victim lay next to his fallen motorcycle in pain, the unknown driver stopped his car, sounded his horn twice to alert other motorists of the accident and got out of his vehicle to help.

Given that there was a consistent stream of traffic at that time, his quick response could have saved the motorist from coming to any further harm.

After the video was posted online, other netizens also came forward with photos of the van and accident, which enabled the van driver to be identified swiftly.

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“One day you’ll be old too”

While returning to his motor workshop in Yishun, motorcyclist Reyco Chai, 25, was at the junction of Northpoint City mall and Yishun MRT, when he spotted an elderly man trudging across the road.

Noticing that the elderly man had difficulty walking and was also dragging a grocery trolley, Chai pulled over to the side of the road and went forward to help.

Speaking to The Pride, Chai recalled: “The uncle was only a quarter way across the road when the traffic light had already turned green for oncoming traffic.”

It took the time taken for two traffic lights to turn green for the elderly man to cross the road safely.

A short clip of the incident was posted on the SGRV page, with many netizens lauding Chai for his actions.

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Image Source: Facebook / James Yao

However, Chai was more concerned that despite the presence of other pedestrians, no one else came forward to help the struggling elderly man.

“One day you’ll be old too… I hope everyone can help if they see someone else or the elderly in need,” said Chai.

A helping hand

On Sept 6, SGRV posted a silent video of an unnamed motorcyclist helping out a fellow rider who had fallen over at the Tuas Second Link bridge customs checkpoint.

In the video, seen from the perspective of the unnamed motorcyclist, an elderly man was riding across the barrier on the right when he suddenly fell and ended up being pinned under the full weight of his motorcycle.

After steadying his own motorcycle, the do-gooder rushed to the man’s aid, first lifting and securing the fallen vehicle, before carrying the man to a safe area and checking to see if he had sustained any injuries.

Although it is unclear whether the latter managed to emerge unscathed, it was good to see someone providing him with assistance in his moment of need.

It’s a heartwarming reminder that not all heroes wear capes.

Instead, quite many of them can be found zipping quietly along our roads, ready to lend a hand when the situation calls for it.

Featured image source: Youtube / SG Road Vigilante, Youtube / SG Road Vigilante, Facebook / James Yao