By Zakeerah Mohamed Zain

Picture this. You’re meeting a friend you haven’t seen for a while, months, maybe even years.

As you walk up, you say ironically “Hey, it’s been a minute!”, knowing full well that it has been much longer than that. But the fact that you can make that joke (and they get it!) is why you guys can vibe, talking about things serious and casual – while just chilling.

That’s the kind of feel we want you to have with our podcast.

“It’s Been A Minute” talks about anything under the sun – no filter. It’s a Gen Z POV of what we think – from weird analogies to talking about our pasts.

I’m one of the hosts, with my ride-or-die, E1 (yes, that’s how she pronounces her name).

We thought that with so many people having so many takes on what’s important in society right now, that maybe we can add our own Gen Z voice into the mix.

Take cyberbullying, the topic of our first podcast.
Image source: Zakeerah Mohamed Zain

Take cyberbullying, the topic of our first podcast.

We Gen Zs are supposed to be the social media natives, being the generation grew up with the Internet. I mean, we help our parents with their tech and IT-related problems, right?

Bullying has become modernised in the same way. Cyberbullying is a real thing, and has been a major thing for years.

So, when we see cyberbullying on our feeds, what do we do? Nowadays, we have become indifferent towards it – until it affects us personally.

Is that how things are supposed to be? Is cyberbullying a new normal? How do we navigate around it?

On our podcast, we talk about growing up with social media, and experiencing firsthand the real impact of cyberbullying.

And we hit the streets too, to find out how others feel about it.

Don’t touch that dial!

We’ve got a few more episodes coming up – stay tuned when we talk about BFFs “is it really Best Friends Forever?” and discuss how Adulting really feels “what do you say when people ask you what you’re doing after finishing school?”

We’re looking forward to sharing our next podcast with you – listen in on SKM’s Spotify for updates!

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