Reigniting the kampung spirit with two fridges

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Image Source: Facebook / Baey Yam Keng

Since its recent launch, community initiative “My Kind of Fridge” has seen residents from Tampines North stepping forward to donate food to their needy neighbours by stocking up two refrigerators with fresh produce. Looking to rekindle the kampung spirit, the refrigerators have been placed at the lift lobby of an HDB rental block at Tampines Street 43, encouraging the public to help low income families in the area.


Singaporean undergrads build self-sustainable farms to feed Nepalese kids

good news, Singapore, skm, pride, kindness
Image Source: Facebook / Project Sapana

Finding Nepalese students in the town of Nagarkot either hungry or skipping school to work on family farms, two Singaporean undergraduates were determined to fund meals for them. The duo raised enough money to build three greenhouse farms which have been fully functional since last month, and are now focusing their Project Sapana crowdfunding effort on the self-sustainability of a lunch programme for the kids.


Strangers’ crowdfunding efforts help save Pakistani boy

good news, Singapore, skm, pride, kindness
Image Source: The Straits Times © Singapore Press Holdings Limited. Permission required for reproduction.

He developed multiple infections after an operation in Pakistan to remove part of a brain tumour. Arriving gravely ill in Singapore for treatment three months ago, the 10-year-old Pakistani boy has made a marked recovery, thanks to the generosity of over 500 strangers. Upon hearing the boy’s plight and that treatment funds were depleting, a group of individuals started a crowdfunding effort that pooled together more than $250,000 for his treatment.


Thoughtful female biker pushes barricades in the rain to prevent jam

Making waves on the internet for braving the heavy downpour and winds for the sake of other motorists, the biker “bro” samaritan whom netizens have been applauding turned out to be “sis”. Filmed pushing away barricades at Shenton Way that were causing an obstruction, 30-year-old Liyana did so to prevent a traffic jam from forming. After she was presented with a new raincoat by Hodaka Motoworld as a token of appreciation, the food delivery biker expressed surprise that her small act of kindness had gone viral.


Migrant Chinese workers treated to a surprise CNY meal

good news, Singapore, skm, pride, kindness
Image Source: The Pride

In the spirit of the festive season, Chinese migrant workers at Kranji Lodge 1 were treated to a surprise Chinese New Year meal. Organised and distributed by the Singapore Kindness Movement, the meals were funded by proceeds from the Kindness On-The-Go Food Trucks drive, which happened earlier this month. In this partnership with Kerbside Gourmet, Singaporeans were encouraged to pay it forward by buying burgers and coffee at the trucks.