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Spending quality time with your kids shouldn’t be limited to the school holidays. Here’s a list of fun and educational activities that will keep your little ones happy and engaged.

Build and design your own playspace

Image Source: Facebook / Participate In Design

How fun would it be to play in a space that you and your child created with your own hands?

Participate In Design (P!D) unveiled the Hack Our Play event in conjunction with the National Design Centre (NDC) to foster children’s creativity, both in and out of the classroom. Parents can bond with their children by designing and co-creating their very own original playspace using everyday and recyclable materials.

Since June, many families have added to the ever-growing exhibit with their own unique creations.

The event runs daily from 9am to 9pm, and is available up to Dec 31. Check the NDC website for more information.

Learn about food wastage

Image Source: Facebook / The Food Bank Singapore

“Don’t waste your food!” is something many a parent has had to utter too often. Now there’s an activity that lets your child discover creative ways to reduce food wastage and help usher in a future where there is food for everyone.

The Food Bank brings the war on food waste to Singapore, even opening up the Food Bank Juniors Club to encourage volunteerism from a young age.

Children can take on responsibilities such as assisting in food donations, sorting, and packing – and learning how to reduce food waste first-hand.

Through excursions to local farms as well as food production and waste factories, children are educated about the prevalence of hunger and food wastage in Singapore and all over the world.

Membership is free for children who are five to 12 years old.

Visit their website for more information or email them directly at [email protected]

Discover the science of kindness

Join Singa the Lion and friends as they go on an adventure to uncover the mysteries behind the science of kindness.

Filled with songs and rhymes, the One Kind of Science musical is recommended for children aged eight and below, and will explain the values of kindness and graciousness as seen through the relationship between the heart and brain in the human body.

The musical is part of the Science Centre Singapore’s Young Learners’ Festival 2018, so participants can enjoy more educational and fun activities after the show. The show will run from Sept 28 to Oct 6, and tickets can be purchased via Sistic.

Looking for a cute memento for your child? Between Sept 17 and Oct 1, enjoy an exclusive Children’s Day promotion where Singa merchandise will be available at a 25% discount at The Kindness Gallery, or at its online store.

Prepare a warm meal for the less fortunate

Image Source: Facebook / Willing Hearts

Let your children discover the value of hard work and social responsibility by preparing a warm meal for the less fortunate at the Willing Hearts soup kitchen.

Whether it’s packing, washing, cleaning, or even simple tasks like sticking labels to lunchboxes for your young ones, there’s a role for everyone.

Open every day of the year, the soup kitchen provides over 5,000 meals a day to the elderly, disabled, single parents, poverty stricken families, and migrant workers all around Singapore.

With four time slots to choose from daily, you can pick a time that best suits your next family outing.

Save the earth, one piece of trash at a time

Image Source: Facebook / Trash Hero Singapore

Here’s a physical activity that will get you and your children out in the sun, while helping them learn how to care for the environment.

Trash Hero Singapore is a programme where children can participate in talks about the impact of trash on the environment and learn the importance of being environmentally conscious. There are also beach cleanups every fortnight, with the next session taking place on the Sept 23.

Look out for events and educational talks on their Facebook page and website.