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My 70-year-old mum lost her wallet on Apr 5 while shopping at Loyang Point.

She is usually very careful with her belongings but somehow her wallet dropped out of her bag while waiting at the drop-off point just outside the building. She only realised this when she got home.

She was worried about the personal items she had lost in her wallet, including her NRIC.

Just as we were about to go make a police report that evening, two Malay-Muslim ladies around their mid-thirties came to my mum’s house to return her wallet.

My mother was so grateful. She kept thanking them profusely but was so overwhelmed that she didn’t get a chance to ask them for their details or to give them a token to show her appreciation.

They made the effort to drive to my mother’s house to return the wallet. I’m guessing they found her address when looking through her wallet and decided to return it to her.

They were polite and kind and didn’t say much apart from explaining that they found the wallet at the drop-off point just outside the main entrance of Loyang Point.

It was a short conversation but my mum remembers that they told her that they lived in Pasir Ris, close to Loyang Point.

Meaningful acts of kindness

I would like to acknowledge these random acts of kindness and make known that there are good people within our community.

Especially during the holy month of Ramadan, these random acts of kindness are so much more meaningful. We often pay more attention to violent acts in our society but these kind deeds deserve more public recognition.

Kindness is priceless. It is a way to show that doing the right thing for someone, even when you don’t know them, is a way of paying it forward. These daily actions, though small, may mean the world to those you help.

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We believe that good deeds have a way of coming back to you and we wish these two ladies to be blessed and rewarded for their kindness in many more ways in their lives.

Additionally, we would like to thank them with a note and gift to show our gratitude for returning the wallet to my mother. If you are the two ladies who have so kindly returned the wallet or if you know who they are, we would love to meet you again to thank you in person.

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