Cash donations totalling more than S$300,000 have so far been raised for the six Filipina victims of last Sunday’s (Dec 29) fatal accident at Lucky Plaza.

The accident – which saw a car crash into the six victims – resulted in the deaths of 50-year-old Arlyn Picar Nunos and 41-year-old Abigail Leste, while the other four, Laila Laudencia, Demet Limbauan, Egnal Limbauan, and Arlyn’s sister, Arceli, sustained moderate to severe injuries.

The tragedy has been met with an outpouring of grief and sympathy from people in Singapore, with more than 2,700 having already donated to the fundraiser that was started on Monday to help the victims and their families.

The fundraiser, which was started on fund-raising website by the Centre for Domestic Employees (CDE), had initially set a target of raising S$150,000 for the victims.

However, it took less than a day for the S$150,000 to be raised. And, as of Friday afternoon (Jan 3), the amount has since swelled to more than double its intended target.

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CDE wrote on the fundraising page that “all donations will go fully towards the victims and/or their beneficiaries.”

Speaking to the Straits Times, a CDE spokesman praised Singaporeans for their kindness and generosity, as he said: “Singaporeans are very generous…this fund should fundamentally go to the six foreign domestic workers after we ascertain the next steps.”

Plenty of netizens – some of whom were from the Philippines – also left comments on The Straits Times Facebook page to thank the donors for their selfless act.

One Perly Fernandez wrote: “Thank you for the help, Singapore. (The victims’) loved ones will surely appreciate all the help you extended towards these unfortunate souls.”

Another Facebook user, Tze Lan Lim, added: “Well done guys. A little bit from a lot of people will go a long way (in helping them).”

The fundraiser is set to end on Jan 29. You can go to the fundraising page here if you intend to make a donation.