He was scared and alone in a foreign country, and on the brink of losing the dream job that he had worked so hard to clinch.

At his wit’s end, the Reddit user going by the alias Bonzomi made a post last week seeking advice from Singaporean users.

The self-taught Malaysian graphics designer explained that he had received a job offer from a Singapore-based company, but his work permit application was about to expire as he was unable to find suitable lodging.

According to Bonzomi, his employer had instructed him to find a home near the office, but he was struggling to find one that was within his means, even with advance money from his company.

Bonzomi came from a poor family back home in Malaysia that had already done all they could to pay for his journey to Singapore. He said that he had taken to skipping meals and being “practically homeless” while house hunting, even going to the extent of taking baths in the toilets at MRT stations.

Reddit users were quick to respond with advice and offers of help.

Some encouraged him to negotiate with his employer and expand his search to other housing estates, or even look up Carousell listings.

Others gave him tips on finding food for cheap or free in Singapore, and where to go if he needed to shower and freshen up.

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One even offered to transfer a small token sum to cover his meals, although Bonzomi declined, saying that he did not have a local bank account to receive the money.

While all this transpired on the Reddit thread, it was eventually revealed that others had quietly offered their help in person.

In a new post published just three days ago, Bonzomi shared the happy news that he would be able to remain in Singapore after all, thanks in large part to two kind-hearted Reddit users.

The first bought him a meal and some food supplies to ensure he didn’t go hungry, and gave him advice on how to tide over the difficult period.

Another was a property agent who stepped in to help with the housing paperwork and processes after Bonzomi had managed to find a suitable home.

Not only did the user negotiate the payment details between Bonzomi’s company and landlord, he even forked out some of his own money to make up the shortfall when the latter was unable to pay the full deposit.

Bonzomi wrote: “He told me I just have to survive for the two months, pay my company first, then him. When the deal was closed and settled, he brought me to a nearby food court and told me he did it because he saw the huge effort I put into my motion design.”

Despite being complete strangers, the two unnamed Reddit users, along with others who offered their encouragement and advice, demonstrated that true compassion knows no limit, and has the power to change lives.

Bonzomi continued: “This whole thing, it feels nothing short of a miracle. To have people who trust me, help me through incredible extent… I’m eternally grateful for you guys.”