As the skies opened up yesterday afternoon, motorists around the island had to take extra care on the roads amid tricky traffic conditions caused by the heavy downpour.

For some of those travelling along Tanjong Katong Road, however, low visibility and slippery roads were not the only safety hazards.

In photos posted on Facebook by user Brian Liu, a large tree branch was seen to have fallen onto part of the road and was blocking off more than one lane in width.

It would have posed further danger to other motorists, if not for one quick-thinking driver, whom Liu photographed from inside his car emerging from his ice truck and hurrying back to move the branch onto the side of the road.

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Noticeably, the ice truck driver had already passed the stretch of road blocked by the branch, so there was really nothing to stop him from just going about his way.

Instead, armed with an umbrella that did little to shelter him from the heavy rain, and would have proven useless for shielding him from more falling branches, the civic-minded driver risked his own safety to ensure that other road users were kept safe.

It was an act of kindness that inspired Liu to commend the unknown driver online, saying in his post: “If the web can’t find out who this guy is, let’s at least be inspired to go out of our own way for the good and safety of our fellow men.

“Thank you kind sir for your actions that speak louder than words.”

The Pride has reached out to Liu for his comments, and will update the story when he responds.