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Image Source: FB / Kean Ho

Can you imagine the happiest moment of your life also turning out to be the scariest? For Kean Ho, 39, that happened. On the morning of April 7, his wife, Keryn Toh, went into labour in their HDB flat and was in so much pain that she couldn’t stand and had to lie on the floor.

Three medical officers from Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) arrived on the scene to find that the 29-year-old’s baby was already crowning, so there was no time to take her to the hospital.

While it was the trio’s first time delivering a baby on scene, according to Ho’s Facebook post, 25-year-old paramedic Kit Shan was observed as being “experienced, composed and exceedingly professional”.

SCDF’s chief medical officer, Colonel (Dr) Yih Yng Ng, told The New Paper: “The ambulance crew led by paramedic Kit Shan were calm and composed when faced with the emergency.

“The umbilical cord was around the baby’s neck, which required attention, and her quick action in loosening the cord kept the baby safe.”

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Braving Mount Everest with a taste of Singapore, for Singapore Cancer Society

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Image Source: FB / Jeremy Tong

Avid mountain climber, Jeremy Tong, is using his skills and passion for good. For his 40th mountain peak, the 27-year-old is scaling the heights of Mount Everest to raise awareness and funds for the Singapore Cancer Society.

Even with 13 years of experience, the veteran told TODAY that he considers this climb the biggest challenge of his life. Tong, who suffers from vertigo, said: “Fear is there, because (the risk of) death is there, but I want to do it because people have done it before, and I want to see whether I, an ordinary guy from the heartlands, can do it for myself and for the Singapore Cancer Society.”

He won’t be alone as he’ll be bringing along a taste of Singapore on his journey. With packed meals supplied by Prima Taste, Tong will be able to enjoy local delicacies such as chicken rice, laksa and beef rendang.

His final companion? A tortoise soft toy named Toi-toi because it was given to him by his partner.

Tong is expected to reach Everest’s summit between May 20 and 25. You can donate to his cause at this page.

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Optical staff fast and furiously delivers a pair of spectacles to longtime customer at Changi Airport

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Image Source:
Facebook / Darren Hkt

When you find yourself in urgent need of a pair of spectacles just before your flight, who are you going to call? Well, nobody, because instant delivery of spectacles doesn’t exist. However, Jamco Optical stepped up big time as a member of their staff travelled fast and furiously from their branch in Katong Shopping Centre to Changi Airport for a personal delivery.

Facebook user Darren Hkt shared his father’s experience on Facebook and expressed gratitude and thanks for their service. According to Darren, his father had actually intended to change his flight as he couldn’t fly without his glasses and that would have affected his business trip.

The employee, who was observed to be “drenched in sweat”, was also identified by Darren as the son of the optical shop’s boss. Incidentally, Darren and his family have been customers of Jamco Optical for more than 20 years.

While netizens are focusing on Jamco Optical “going the extra mile”, let’s also give credit to them for going with extra speed.

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Teenage bowlers clear a path through fallen tree that was obstructing the road

While many would take the path of least resistance, it wasn’t what these boys from the Singapore Sports School did. En route to their bowling tournament, with 200m to go and 30 minutes to spare, their bus was stopped by a fallen tree. An obstruction to both vehicle and man, the boys alighted to assess the situation with other members of the public.

According to a Facebook post on Singapore Sports School’s page, one of the boys, Jarred Lim, suggested breaking the smaller branches to create a path through. They were warned about being bitten by ants and told by a policeman that NParks were on their way, but the boys decided to be proactive.

After clearing a passage, the boys retrieved their belongings and even helped other members of the public traverse the foliage.

Singapore can have nice things, if you take a leaf out of her book

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Image Source: Twitter / @qlhbusyra

While others have despaired over the Ugly Singaporeans’ treatment of bicycles provided by bike-sharing services Mobike, Ofo and OBike, a Singaporean woman displayed an act of redemption.

Going by the Twitter handle @qlhbusyra, Syra tweeted an encounter with a damaged Ofo bike – she decided to take it home to ask her dad to fix it up. Syra’s kind deed is an inspiration to us all.

On that note, why not take the opportunity to join us on our #OneKindDay movement? As Syra taught us, all you need is a good heart and a simple offer of kindness. To find out more, check out the video on Facebook.

Top Image: FB / Kean Ho