68-year-old Durga Kami once dreamed of becoming a teacher. Today, he sits in a classroom among some 20 children aged 14 and 15, to pursue the education he was never able to complete as a child. Probably one of the oldest students in Nepal, Kami attends school six days a week. The grandfather of eight plods from his secluded one-room home to the Shree Kala Bhairab higher secondary school with the help of a walking stick – a journey that takes him more than an hour.

Kami had the opportunity to continue his studies after being offered a scholarship by the school, and was sponsored stationery and school uniform. His classmates call him “Baa”, meaning “father” in Nepali, and he participates in all school activities with the other kids despite his ripe age. Now in the 10th grade, Kami wishes to continue studying for the rest of his days, and he hopes his quest for knowledge serves as a reminder to others that age is no obstacle when it comes to learning.