Hey parents, a week into the circuit breaker and already running out of ideas to keep your children occupied at home?

Be Kind SG is asking families to spread cheer around the neighbourhood with artwork from your window. These artwork can be filled with encouraging messages like ‘Stay Safe’ or simply with bright and colourful drawings.

The idea was inspired by an initiative started by a few mothers in Italy, and then picked up by folks in the UK.

“Andrà tutto bene” - everything will be all right
Image source: Twitter / @nadiaafridijp

In Italy, the slogan of reassurance: “Andrà tutto bene” – everything will be all right – is a message of hope to the community. With over 150,000 coronavirus cases and almost 20,000 deaths to date, Italy is one of the worst countries hit by the pandemic.

Children in the UK have also been putting rainbow pictures in their windows to cheer passers-by on. The rainbows aim to make people smile as they walk by, and also offer a reminder that there is hope and light even in dark times.

This trend dubbed “The Rainbow Campaign” has spread to the US, Canada and Spain where a game of spotting rainbows in windows have sparked the hashtag #ChaseTheRainbow.

Would this trend catch on in Singapore?

Facebook user, Chong Chun Lian, wants to think so. She shared in a post:

“Not sure if it’ll take off here but I thought actually our flats are rather close together, so it could be quite meaningful to do something similar. If enough of us put up artwork and other meaningful messages up on our windows, our kids could also have fun trying to “spot” other children’s work!”

Even though we are encouraged to only go out for essential reasons, it can add some colour to your neighbourhood, help bring a smile to other people’s faces, and most importantly, occupy your kids for a few hours! Already, a handful of parents have tasked their children to create meaningful masterpieces. It’s a good activity for kids to flex their creativity and fine motor skills following the nationwide school closures.

Show love to neighbours during school closure on circuit breaker days
Image source: Facebook / Chong Chun Lian
Childrens' artwork during cchool closure
Image source: Facebook / Jia Huiz
Let's all be well - encouraging words from the children
Image source: Facebook / Chloe Yip
Children putting up their words of encouragement on the window
Image source: M Syazanna
Artwork spotted by a neighbour
Image source: Michelle Tay

As we stay home and bond with our immediate family members, let’s remember our neighbours – especially the elderly or vulnerable – who may not be as fortunate to live with theirs.

Let’s spread cheer to others even if we have to do so from a safe distance.

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