From Tom Holland’s surprise stop by Singapore’s KK’s Women’s and Children’s Hospital, to a full-fledged superhero crew appearing at San Diego’s Rady’s Children’s Hospital, real-life Spider-Men are lighting up children’s faces with smiles as they battle their illnesses around the world.

In San Diego, thanks to the big hearts of the employees from A Plus Window Cleaning, the kids got to hang out with their beloved superhero, along with other Marvel & DC favourites. Dressed in the likes of Captain America, Spider-Man, Batman, Superman, and Green Lantern, the superhero cleaners descended on the children’s healthcare facility with a mission to cheer up the kids, even as they went about their chores.

Window cleaners dressed as superheroes waving at the camera
Image Source: REUTERS/Mike Blake

This surprise visit is a tradition for the young patients and their families, and helps lift their spirits while they deal with difficult health issues.

Roselle Roseta, mother to a boy who is recovering from neurosurgery, appreciated the wonderful gesture. Her other son Dominick, who was worried for his brother, felt relieved by the presence of the superheroes.

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A small boy helps Spider-Man and Captain America in cleaning the windows
Image Source: REUTERS/Mike Blake

He was invited to assist in cleaning the windows by Captain America and Spider-Man, a task he relished while wearing the shield of the former on his back.

Roseta spotted the superheroes after receiving news of her son’s surgery and admitted that it helped her family get their minds off the surgery and brightened up their day.

“Having this (the superheroes) greet you from that kind of news is kind of that cherry on top. I’m really thankful,” she said.

Top Image: REUTERS/Mike Blake