Why do dads get forgotten?

Is it because we tend to give mothers the limelight (quick, think of a song dedicated to fathers) or is it because they are men of few words?

My Papa is someone who shows love through actions not words. I remember how he never fails to pick me up whenever I finish school or work late, just to protect me from the dark (and cats!) which I am afraid of. Being a handyman, he quietly fixes things that go faulty at home just so that we can live more comfortably.

If we can all take a moment to pause and think about our dads, I’m sure we would have so much to say about our personal hero figure.

So with Father’s Day this Sunday (June 21), I decided to hear from my friends about their dads!

I love my dad because…

He treats me like a princess

Michelle, 38, whose dad Vincent, 74, has doted on her since she was a little girl.

Michelle showing appreciation to papa on Father's day
“Papa loved the scenery when we went on a holiday together to Kurobe (Japan) in Feb 2020.” / Image credit: Michelle

“When we were young, Papa was the one who took us to buy Chinese New Year clothes. He also wanted us to get our ears pierced but my mother objected. He said we are girls (and so we should wear earrings). I’m afraid of dogs and cats and I always remember hiding behind him so he will protect me by walking next to the animals or shoo them away. Papa loves to travel but he is also getting on in years, so I try to bring him and my mum on a holiday while they are still in good health.”

He puts his heart into what he believes

Nikita, 26, who can’t wait to see her dad Jitendra Kumar, 56, in their next video call. She’s working in Singapore and the rest of her family is in India.

Nikita, who can’t wait to see her dad in their next video call on Father's day
“We certainly need to take a photo together when we meet again in the next video call on Father’s Day.” / Image credit: Nikita

“I have never seen him raise his voice with my mum before. I look up to him and when I get married, I want my husband to be as patient as he is.

He has good judgement and it seems like his assessment of the situation always turns out to be right. In the face of adversity, he has never given up and always strives to do his best. Also, he has worked all his life to raise us, his family and made sure that all of us are living our best lives possible.

From him, I have learnt that if you keep persevering what you want to achieve, you will get the results you want, no matter the present circumstances.”

He is ‘imperfect’ but selfless

Chiara, 27, whose dad Ann Chye, 59, sacrificed much to see her and her siblings through school.

Chiara's appreciation to Dad's selfless on Father's day
“My first trip to Europe with Pa in 2015 and where he watched me eat at least one gelato a day (or maybe two!).” / Image credit: Chiara

“Even though he did not have an education, has colour blindness, and lost his index finger in a machinery accident, he still managed to give my family two roofs over our heads and a comfortable life by working hard as a hawker since he was 30.

Even though he needed help, my father made it a point to keep us out of the hawker centre and into our books as he wanted us to have a good education and future. I’m thankful for his unselfish and sacrificial love as well as his readiness to help till this day!”

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He brought joy to others for as long as he lived

Daryl, 32, whose dad passed away in 1992.

Daryl remembering his papa on Father's day
“A family photo that I keep in my wallet.” / Image credit: Daryl

“I have never asked Mama much about my dad as we seldom talk about him. But my aunt used to tell me how my dad was like when he was still around – a jovial and energetic source of energy to the people around him. As I grew up, I came to see myself taking after him – being a live wire to my friends. Thanks for the genes Papa!”

He is incredibly generous with a unique sense of humour

Fiona, 28, who loves that she can be herself around her dad Sam, 63.

Fiona showing her love for her daddy on Father's day
“Just an example of some of the Whatsapp messages my Daddy sends to check in on me every day.” / Image credit: Fiona

“Not just buying our favourite food, he provided us with education without expecting us to pay back to his Central Provident Fund (CPF). I remember him asking my friends whether they love pets and offering to buy them rabbits when they hung out at my home for project work.

Even though we live apart now, he makes the effort to message my sister and me daily with ‘good morning!’ and ask about my plans for the day.

I can easily joke around him and be my crazy self – I like testing him on my Chinese name which he always fails to remember (HAHA!). He shows love in his own ways and I really appreciate him for just being who he is!”

He stands behind me to support my every decision

Noi, 30, whose dad MT, 62, teases him yet remains a pillar of support.

Noi talking about how her dad is her pillar of support on Father's day
“Picture taken atop Mt Agung, during one of my trail runs.” / Image credit: Noi

“Abah always teases me and says that I’m not how a runner should be; lean and trim and made of muscle as compared to my buttload of fats. I’ll admit, i never really felt the need to be a lean runner; i just enjoy running, especially outdoors in nature. He always comments on how rotund I am.

Despite all that, he still supports my hobby and he’ll accompany me whenever I have overseas competitive runs. I remember one of my trails runs up Mount Agung (in Bali, Indonesia). Though I did not finish as I couldn’t acclimatise to the altitude change in such a short timeframe, he was there to pick me up at the end. And he wanted to hear every single detail of my time running up the mountain, and how I made it down back in one piece.

Shortly after that, he continued with his verbal jabs at my tummy, but it feels great to know he has my back, no matter what.”

He is the strongest person I know

Christine, 28, whose dad Simon, 62, is her silent hero.

Christine's immense gratitude for her dad on Father's day
“I stood in the cold wanting to take a picture of my messy hair in the strong wind and my dad stood patiently with me until I got it.” / Image credit: Christine

“Being the sole breadwinner of the family, he worked tirelessly without an ounce of complaint just to provide for the family and made sure we always have the best.

He always supported us in his own quiet ways, and ensured that we have the resources we need to pursue our dreams and aspirations.

I can never forget the time when he fell sick and had to be warded for two weeks but his main concern was not his own health but the well-being of the family. His unconditional and sacrificial love for the family is a strong pillar we can safely rely on.”

What will you say about your dad if someone asked you about him? Why not let him know how you feel? He may be the strong, silent type, but that just means we should all the more tell him how much we appreciate him, right now.

The Pride wishes all daddy heroes out there a Happy Father’s Day!

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