It’s been hailed as the Kopitiam Fight of the Year, and it’ll be a contender for the weirdest thing you’ll see this year.

A woman, presumably a Chinese national, speaks in an annoyingly grating voice to a man. Her hand is at his head though whatever she’s doing is obscured by the flare of a street lamp. She brings her hand down to his chest and appears to be thumping it. She then taunts him, in Mandarin, to strike her. He desists, claiming he doesn’t hit women, and then bizarrely, removes his T-shirt. Moments later, he slaps the woman, who stands transfixed, pointing at him for six seconds before she drops dramatically, rolling on the coffeeshop floor and wailing, amid applause.

“What the hell was that?” asked Singapore’s One Championship mixed martial arts fighter May Ooi. “I didn’t understand a thing. The video just left me dazed and confused.”

We’re just as confused, though at the start of the video, you can see glasses of what looks like beer on the table, so the parties involved could’ve been drinking.

While said woman was on the ground, another woman rushes at the man and attempts to smash a glass in his face. Some contact is made but the glass falls to the ground and shatters next to the woman on the floor, who continues wailing. Then while the shirtless man, with distended, exposed tummy argues with the woman who attacked him with a glass, the woman on the floor appears to take a selfie, and there are some who have suggested she may have been editing a selfie.

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No selfies of the woman on the ground have surfaced yet, so we’re unable to ascertain which filter she used.

According to newspaper reports, the cops were alerted to a case of voluntarily causing hurt at 12.30am on Saturday at the coffeeshop at Block 684, Hougang Avenue 8.

No mention was made of the woman voluntarily falling, but as a fighter, May saw the incident slightly differently.

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“Someone threw an invisible punch and KO’d the woman,” she said. “She didn’t see it coming at all.”

No Michelin stars were damaged in the scuffle. And despite concerns from Hougang residents whom we were reluctant to interview that the area might soon match Yishun’s reputation as being the weirdest, most dangerous place to live in Singapore, property prices are unlikely to be affected.

What did either side achieve? Nothing, except for attaining some infamy, causing a little disturbance to the neighbourhood and providing entertainment to netizens and the patrons at the coffeeshop.

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And while all of the applause on the night in Hougang were for those who had created the scene, we’d like to save ours for the uncle – probably a member of the staff – who stepped in after the woman had attempted to smash the glass on the man’s head.

He may not have been able to stop the recording and spread of the video, but his intervention probably prevented the incident from getting bloody.

So, give that man a beer!