After a challenging few weeks at work, I started my day on Wednesday (Feb 4) with the aim of being more mindful and positive.

I wanted to be more conscious of my thoughts and behaviour in a bid to improve my emotional well-being.

On my way to work that morning, I was coming up the escalator while exiting Raffles Place MRT station when I saw that a crowd had gathered.

As I got closer, I realised that a young lady was lying on the ground, and some passersby were asking if she was OK.

I walked up and knelt beside her, and tried asking her if she was alright. Her eyes were closed and she looked pale. She explained that she had a medical condition – low blood circulation – which causes her to have fainting spells.

While a kind gentleman called for an ambulance, I took some medicated oil from an elderly lady, poured some on a tissue and placed it under the woman’s nose. After sanitising my hands, I also rubbed some of the oil on her temples and fed her some raisins that the elderly lady offered to give her a bit of sugar.

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The elderly lady had taken it upon herself to sit on the floor and place the woman’s head on her lap. She also held the young lady’s shoulders as I tended to her with the oil.

After some time, the woman felt well enough to stand up, and was in the midst of thanking us for helping when another passerby tapped me on the shoulder and said that her daughter, upon seeing us, had run down to the control station to call for help.

Out of nowhere, another gentleman appeared and gave the lady who fainted a bottle of water he had bought from the newsstand nearby.

My aim of sharing this experience is to remind myself, and anyone else who needs it, that one simple, positive act can lead to others, even when we least expect it.

Personally, it made me feel good, and even grateful, to have been able to do a kind deed.

It was touching to see that despite the lady being a complete stranger, many of us didn’t hesitate to come forward in her moment of need.

Deborah Dayani Nanayakara