On Jan 17, I was driving from Ang Mo Kio towards Yishun at around 2pm when I suddenly experienced bad muscle cramps in my right leg.

While travelling along Lentor Avenue, I could no longer take the pain and found myself unable to drive on for much longer. As the pain became unbearable, I parked immediately after the bus stop at Bullion Park and got off to stretch my leg.

At that time, there was a construction site right beside the bus stop and the workers who were there immediately noticed me. To my surprise, a man who appeared to be a supervisor at the site asked his workers to bring me a chair from their site, and helped place a cone behind my parked car to warn drivers of oncoming vehicles.

He even advised me on what to do to reduce the pain in my leg and accompanied me throughout the episode. I was extremely touched by the kindness shown to me by him and his colleagues.

Unfortunately, I left the scene forgetting to ask for his name. However, I would like to share this story of their helpfulness with others as I believe that their kindness should be made known.

To the team of workers at the site next to bus stop 55261 – once again, thank you.

Tan Hwee San

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