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You know that Christmas is coming as you can expect a number of things. You will hear Mariah Carey’s money-making Christmas hit either on the radio or at shopping malls being played to death or you will be bombarded with advertisements about Christmas sales that emphasise the materialism of this much-loved season.  

There has to be more to Christmas than consumerism, right? 

I sure would like to think so! 

Writing this, I started reflecting on how I have been celebrating Christmas over the last few decades – yes, decades. I may not be old as dirt but I am definitely no Gen Z. 

Our LEGO Christmas village set! (Image Source: Dr Sadie-Jane NUNIS-HUFF)

Moving on… 

All my life, I know two things are for certain, attending Christmas mass since we are Catholics and seeing Mom prepare angpows and presents for those that we knew are facing a tough Christmas.  

To me, Mom got the memo about what the true spirit of Christmas is. 

Christmas is important to Christians because it marks the birth of Jesus. Being a good Christian means caring for your fellow man. However, why can’t that apply to everyone, regardless of race or religion?  

Christmas can either be a tough time or the most wonderful time of the year and it all depends on which side of the coin you get. There are those who look forward to it while others may feel lonely, empty, and depressed. Some may have lost their loved ones and this is their first Christmas without them, while others may have lost their jobs, etc and feel extra stressed at not being able to make ends meet. 

I was hospitalised over Christmas a couple of times over the last 13 years – and the nurses put up the tree outside my room to keep my spirits up. (Image Source: Dr Sadie-Jane NUNIS-HUFF)

So, is there anything we can do if we know of such individuals? Let’s remember what this season of giving is truly about and I am not asking for big gestures. Consider doing little kind deeds as you countdown to Christmas. Think of it as your Kindness Advent Calendar. You can be gung-ho and start from 1 December or if you think you may be overwhelmed, start with a few days leading to Christmas. You can literally do up your list and mark it down on your calendar and if you don’t start this in 2023, what is stopping you from doing this in 2024? 

Although I feel one should have the spirit of kindness and generosity throughout the year, many of us get sucked into the daily hustle that is life. So why not put in the extra effort and this season, be greater and try a little kindness? 

In the meantime, from my family to yours, Season’s Greetings! 


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