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We are a couple of days into 2024 and how are those resolutions going? 

How many have going to the gym or doing some form of exercise as their new year resolution? How about getting started on that hobby that they have been saying they will start for years? 

Or are you a voracious reader like me, and having set higher and higher reading goals have decided to up the ante and increase that already crazy high number by another 50 per cent? 

Reflecting on what you so enthusiastically decided on your 2024 resolutions causing you any stress yet because you are starting to realise they may not be sustainable? 

How about not setting goals that while possibly attainable, might be indirectly causing you unnecessary stress that will last for a whole year? 

Now, I am not saying that one should not aim high, but why not set kind yet attainable goals like self-care once a month, greeting your neighbour when you see them, or even holding the door open if you see someone’s hands full? 

(Image Source: Singapore Kindness Movement’s Instagram)

Small bite-size resolutions are way more attainable and sustainable. Plus, being gracious and kind equates to increasing one’s level of serotonin. It isn’t too late to consider adding in a resolution that helps you to be kind or gracious since we are still in January. 

If you decide to do so, you can placate yourself by telling yourself that you are not “cheating” by adding a new resolution or two in 2024 itself. Instead, you are “stretching” your resolution goals by being an over-achiever. 

Don’t worry, if you do the above, I’ll keep that secret between us *winks*. 

Consider getting your best friend, partner, or someone you feel comfortable with to brainstorm some possible ideas that will help both of you be kinder people in 2024. Get the same person to partner you to ensure both of you stay on track! 

Good luck in achieving your resolutions or goals for 2024! May it be a blessed, healthy, and kind year for you.