Stories have an unparalleled ability to captivate, inspire, and, ultimately, change the world. From ancient fables to modern narratives, the impact of stories extends far beyond entertainment—they shape perceptions, influence attitudes, and drive positive change. 

Many of history’s most significant societal shifts have been fuelled by stories that inspired change. I remember reading about Martin Luther King Jr.’s iconic “I Have a Dream” speech. Stories such as these have been instrumental in galvanising movements for civil rights, equality, and justice. 

Malala Yousafzai’s story is another remarkable example of how an individual narrative can catalyse positive change. 

Her autobiography, “I Am Malala,” not only provides a first-hand account of her courageous journey but also inspires countless individuals worldwide. Malala’s story has sparked a global movement advocating for education as a fundamental right for all, particularly for girls in regions facing adversity. 

Lyrics of songs also can be impactful. I cannot miss mentioning one of my favourites, the ultimate call for world peace, John Lennon’s “Imagine”. With its simple yet powerful lyrics, the song has resonated with people worldwide and has become an anthem for peace and unity. 

The Pride is a Singapore-based publication highlighting good news and inspirational stories. In a world often filled with negative news and challenges, promoting positive stories helps balance the narrative. It counterbalances negativity, offering hope, optimism, and a reminder that positive change is possible. 

It not only inspires individuals but also contributes to the creation of a culture where kindness is valued and actively promoted. 

Our pride writers play a significant role in shaping these narratives and influencing societal attitudes. These are their stories.   


1. John

John (middle) interviewing construction workers at their worksite in late 2022 (Image Source: John Lim)

I’m John, and I started writing for The Pride because I was entirely drawn by the idea of creating a kinder society, especially after I experienced quite a few experiences of kindness whilst living abroad in the U.K.  

Stories can structure complex thoughts, emotions, and ideas that we often can’t easily express into something readable and accessible. That allows us to understand why people do certain things, be inspired, and model it. That’s why I believe the stories of kindness featured in the Singapore Kindness Movement help Singaporeans to grow to ‘Be Greater’.  

My favourite story would be the bus driver who put a Pusheen in his bus window. 

When I first interviewed him, he talked about how he wanted passengers to be cheered up by seeing a playful, soft toy in the window, and that was what touched me. 

That he would risk being laughed at by his other colleagues, that he would take time to take it up and down the bus, and that he would risk ridicule to make a passenger’s day reminded me of what I could do in my small capacity to make the world a kinder place. 

2. Noreen

Noreen, 10, pictured at an SKM event (Image Source: Noreen Shazreen)

Hi there! My name is Noreen, and I’m a freelance writer for The Pride. I began writing for The Pride as I was interested in connecting with the Singaporean community and exploring subjects close to my heart, such as kindness and graciousness. Since I was young, I have regularly followed up with the Singapore Kindness Movement’s campaigns, 

Greatness can be vastly different to everyone, but for me, greatness is remaining authentic to your true innate self. In today’s modern world, being ‘greater’ often means chasing tangible results, be it wealth, the corporate ladder, worldly possessions, or physical attributes.

To me, striving to ‘Be Greater’ should go beyond those tangible results. It reflects our values, character, interactions with others and ourselves, and the words we choose to express our thoughts and feelings. 

My favourite story I’ve written for The Pride would be the article on how we can help preserve Malay cultural roots and identity. As a Singaporean Malay, I feel honoured to write an article about my roots and learnt so much in the process through researching, writing and speaking to my interviewees.   

3. Janna

Janna working on an article (Image Source: Janna Tan)

Hey! I’m Janna. I design digital experiences full-time and write as a hobby. Crossing the mid-20s mark this year, I wanted to share compelling stories with a broader audience beyond myself. Being able to write for The Pride creates a space for me to share perspectives on meaningful and current topics.  

Greatness is a big word, but at the heart of it, I believe it’s the impact we can make. It’s in the small actions and gestures that amount to a lot. Be it the conversations we have with our cai fan aunty or the laughter we share with those we love, being present and exchanging stories matter. These stories stick with us and are sometimes retold to encourage others because they impact our lives.  

As an avid supporter of circular fashion, I was passionate about sharing how we could personalise and be set apart in our fashion journey- Looking beyond the clothes. 

4. Kristelynn

Speaking to Dennis Cheow, the founder of Forget Me Not while on a shoot at the dog shelter (Image Source: Kristelynn Lim)

My name is Kristelynn and I am an aspiring multimedia journalist. From a young age, I have always been captivated by the power of storytelling. As I progressed through my tertiary education, this passion evolved into a fervent drive to create content that matters.

I joined The Pride as I thoroughly enjoy interacting with individuals and groups in our community who are catalysts for positive change. As such, I aim to amplify their voices and offer the readers stories that will inspire and resonate with them. 

Whether a story provides a mirror for reflection or ignites a spark within us to make a difference, it undeniably has the power to connect people. I hope every reader finds a meaningful takeaway—a nugget of wisdom or a spark of encouragement—to be inspired to be greater in their way. 

My favourite story I’ve written for The Pride is the one on seniors in Singapore above 70 years old who are still working till this day- Their Golden Years: Stories of Continued Purpose 


We can Be Greater together

In the tapestry of human history, stories stand out as powerful agents of positive change. Through empathy, inspiration and cultural transmission, stories shape the world by influencing individual beliefs and societal norms. 

As we continue to tell and share stories, let’s recognise their immense potential to build a more compassionate, inclusive, and harmonious world for generations and a reminder that positive change is possible.