Heartbreak happens. Then, you determine your path – move forward and remain open to the possibility of loving again or close that door forever?

Initially, I remained open post break-up until 2010 when I was diagnosed with complications.

As I watched my parents age overnight, as their only child kept going in and out of the hospital like it was going out of style, so I made a choice. I contemplated the following questions: Who could possibly want to be with someone like me? Isn’t it too much to ask of someone? How do you bring it up?

So, I went on a date or two but knew that it was not going to go anywhere.

A good seven years went by post break-up, and as they say, it happens when you least expect it, I met a ginger boy that I like.

We met through a mutual friend who also happened to be the team lead of a Marvel game that we both play.

The True Believers gathering at the Science Centre. People went up to Jerrid to take photos with him! (Image Source: Eric Chang)

Fast forward to a little less than a year of wonderful hellos and heartbreaking goodbyes, I unfortunately fell so sick that I needed to undergo multiple rounds of chemotherapy.

This is when Jerrid decided to move to Singapore, retire from his dream job, and be my loving caregiver. Let’s put it this way, I was in really bad shape that he thought if he didn’t do this, we would have had so little time together. Plus I was grounded too and unable to travel…

It was crazy how we were two puzzle pieces that just fit, just like the Deadpool quote. It was and still is amazing.

We go to comic conventions together, play dungeons and dragons, read, and yes, he designs as well as sews my clothes. He cooks and bakes, too.

We were featured in The Sunday Times article titled Beating the Blues with LEGO. (Image Source: The Straits Times)

One of us has to keep both of us alive, right?

When I was immobile or needed wound dressings, Jerrid was there.

When my dad needed wound dressings, Jerrid was there.

When my mom was wobbly when walking because of her knee, Jerrid will link arms with her lovingly. In fact, people think she is HIS mom! That’s how close they are.

When I was pursuing my doctorate and faced a brick wall, Jerrid cuddled and kissed me, then said, “Go get them, champ!

I also realised who my true friends are. Some who have been having issues with their partners have now ghosted me after seeing how genuinely caring Jerrid is and how in love we are. My best ones are just so happy that we found each other, though some have admitted they hope to find true love.

Of course, Jerrid and I squabble or annoy each other, but the key is communication. No matter how stupid it is, we talk about everything, no holds barred.

The two of us caught giggling at a luncheon. Isn’t his hair fabulous? (Image Source: May Cheng)

I love you my darling boopbee, and I am so glad that you never fail to show me or say the same back to me every single day. Happy Valentine’s Day though for us, after all these years, it is every single day together.

St. Valentine’s Day is also a reminder for us to appreciate others and express gratitude. This reinforces positive social bonds and encourages kinder and more compassionate interactions among each other. The Pride wishes all readers a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Top Image: We only had eyes for each other on 22 02 2022, our wedding day. (Image Source: Ryan Chua)