It was a regular Tuesday afternoon for Reddit user abcdefghijken.

After wrapping up a job interview, he decided to take a taxi home. He was in for a bumpy ride.

“On my way back home, my taxi broke down,” he lamented in a Reddit post. “The taxi’s tyres burst.”

He decided to walk across the highway, to its exit. In a later comment, he said: “I can’t really blame the taxi driver though. He kept saying sorry, but I just said it’s okay.”

Kind driver offers him a free lift home

Even though he was laden with a “bunch of stuff”, he was set to walk all the way across the highway. But luckily for abcdefghijken he didn’t have to: help came in the form of a kind lorry driver.

According to him, an Atlas Fine Foods lorry stopped next to him, and its driver, an elderly Malay man in sunglasses, offered him a ride. He accepted the ride, but, not wanting to trouble the driver, abcdefghijken suggested that he simply drop him off at the exit of the highway. However, the kind driver insisted on sending his passenger all the way back home.

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A grateful abcdefghijken wrote: “I didn’t get his name but I know he worked at Atlas Fine Foods, from the branding on his (lorry).”

He has since e-mailed the company, describing the kind uncle’s appearance and detailing the events that followed.

He also asked: “What else can I do to show my gratitude? He drove off so quickly I can’t remember the exact car plate.”

He ended his post with well-wishes for his saviour: “Thank you uncle!!!! Wishing you all the best uncle.”

The lorry driver’s kind act struck a chord with many Redditors. One such user, ahungryfish, commented: “Such good souls are a rare thing these days. Kudos to him!”

“Humanity saved once again,” wrote another user, obietobie. “Thanks random uncle! Hope you help a lot of people in need.”

“This is so wholesome!” User yee-my-haw wrote simply.