I haven’t seen my mum in two months.

Living apart from my mother feels even worse now with the circuit breaker restricting family members who live in different households from visiting each other.

Sure, we have regular phone and video calls during this circuit breaker period, but I cannot taste my mum’s special roti kirai (a kind of Malay crepe) or mee betawi (a beef noodle dish) virtually.

This Sunday (10 May) is Mother’s Day in Singapore. Every year, Mother’s Day means going to my mum’s place to have dinner with my parents and my brother, who also lives on his own. Why does my mum still have to cook on the one special day dedicated to mothers, you ask? She says she wants to do it because that’s how she shows her love for her family.

For many of us, mum’s homecooked meals – no matter how simple or elaborate – will always be comfort food from our childhood.

When we were growing up, we just ate whatever our mums put in front of us, scarcely giving it a second thought because we were preoccupied with school or work.

And our mums came in all shapes and sizes, types and temperaments.

Some were working mums, who, despite being so tired from a long day, would still cook for the family. Others were domestic goddesses who left us in awe of their abilities in sewing, flower arranging, and of course, cooking.

No matter what type of mum we had growing up, making sure we never went hungry was without doubt one of their top priorities.

And, like my mum, they almost never asked for anything in return. Simply that you enjoyed it and that you finished your food.

Now, during the circuit breaker, you may not be fortunate enough to enjoy spending time with your mum, or have homecooked comfort food, but you can still remind her how much you appreciate her this Mother’s Day.

Better yet, these five gift recommendations all come from good causes, so you can help others while expressing love for mummy dearest. Book quickly to avoid disappointment!

The Art Faculty Mother’s Day Bundle

The Art Faculty Mothers Day Bundle
Image source: The Art Faculty

This exclusive limited-edition lunch tote sewn by differently abled trainees at the Employability and Employment Centre’s (E2C) Sewing Training Site comes with a matching sustainable wheat fibre lunch box by autistic artists supported by The Art Faculty. The tote and lunch box will come in handy whenever mum packs food to take out. And the lunch box doesn’t come empty either. A treat within awaits – a cute block of freshly baked kueh lapis cake!⁣

MINDS Mother’s Day Gift Set

MINDS Mothers Day Gift Set
Image source: MINDS Social Enterprise

In celebration of Mother’s Day, MINDS Social Enterprise is offering a Mother’s Day gift set consisting of cookies, a healthy granola snack, a greeting card, a flower hand bouquet, a meal voucher and an elegant white ceramic mug with artwork by MINDS’ trainee, Philip Siow.

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E&S Love Overloaded Gift Set

E&S Love Overloaded Gift Set Mothers Day
Image source: E&S

Pamper your mum with E&S “Love Overloaded” Gift Set which includes a felt floral bouquet, a floral themed nail art and handmade peppermint & eucalyptus soap bars made by beneficiaries of the social enterprise. A portion of the proceeds go to help single mothers at HCSA Dayspring’s SPIN Programme. Even if you already have got your presents for mum this year, the online store also allows you to donate these gifts to single mothers on the programme.

The Art Faculty Eco Beeswax Food Wrap

The Art Faculty Eco Beeswax Food Wrap Mothers Day
Image source: The Art Faculty

Designed by The Art Faculty’s differently abled artists, these newly launched Eco Beeswax Food Wraps are washable, reusable wraps used to seal bowls or to wrap a snack. Good for mums who like to snack throughout the day. And you can help save the environment too!

BloomBack Love Blossoms Gift Set

BloomBack Love Blossoms Gift Set Mothers Day
Image source: BloomBack

BloomBack is a social enterprise that provides training and job opportunities to marginalised communities. While looking just like fresh flowers, the preserved flowers in the Love Blossoms Gift Set last much longer and require little to no maintenance. Perfect for mums whose love never stops growing!

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to show her how much you care. Even if we cannot meet our mums this Mother’s Day, we can still show our mum a little love with these socially conscious gifts.

Wishing all mothers in Singapore, a Happy Mother’s Day.

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