Do you know of anyone celebrating his or her birthday in April? This year, due to Covid-19, it’s going to be a different experience, because they’re likely to be staying home to celebrate. As an April baby, I was initially feeling a little disappointed when I had to postpone my birthday gathering with friends during this circuit breaker month. But there’s no reason to skip the festivities altogether! There are many creative ways to surprise a friend on their birthday this month without gathering in person. Here are some ideas for an online celebration:

Gift a Meal Delivery

MyTreat is a gentle nudge to share kindness with a meal.

A simple gesture can mean a world to someone. One meal delivery can bring joy in three ways! First, it buys someone a (birthday) meal. Second, it supports a restaurant, as F&B outlets have been hit very hard during this period. Third, it inspires more people to “pay it forward”  through a note of love or thanks in return on the beautiful templates created by MyTreat.

Gift a Meal Delivery for a birthday during Covid-19
Birthday wishes from @mytreatsg Instagram stories

“By spreading kindness through the simple gift of a meal delivery, we can support a restaurant, let someone know that they are not alone, and keep the good vibes flowing throughout the community,” says Annette, the founder of MyTreat.

Check out the list of suggested restaurants to order a meal delivery gift and spread the word using the Instastory templates provided. You can order from other F&B services that hire persons with disabilities to support them especially during this circuit breaker period.

Here are 10 F&B social enterprises that are offering takeaway services during the circuit breaker: Ashraf’s Cafe, Dignity Kitchen, Bettr Barista, Professor Brawn Cafe, Crossings Cafe, Foreword Coffee Roasters, Bliss Restaurant, Soul Food Enterprise Pte Ltd, Pope Jai Thai and The Ugly Cake Shop. Remember to show them some kindness and love, as they seek your understanding of the reduced manpower during this period.

Gift a Card to save your favourite local stores

Gift a Card for a birthday during Covid 19
Image Credit: ChopeAndSave

Your gifting this April can be made more meaningful by purchasing gift cards from an array of local businesses, ranging from bookstores to eateries, to save them from closing down.  Chope and Save is a newly launched website where you can buy gift cards from businesses in your neighbourhood.

You can also join Facebook or Telegram groups created to help bring small business owners and the Singapore community together. Members of these groups can share deals from local hawkers and small businesses, as well as groupbuys to benefit the community.

Gift a Movie with Netflix Party

Gift a Movie for a birthday during Covid 19
Shutterstock / sitthiphong

If you love watching movies with friends, fret not, you can set up a NetFlix party using a Google Chrome extension. This extension allows for synchronized video playback, so if anyone in your group needs a quick break to grab more popcorn or use the loo, you can pause everyone’s screens simultaneously to resume later together. You can even talk about the movie with your friends using the chat room function, and not worry about being shushed! So why not snuggle up in bed as you go on your birthday escape plan to somewhere far away (from reality).

Gift a Song

Gift a Song for a birthday during Covid-19
Shutterstock / Montri Thipsorn

You could always sing “Happy Birthday” over the phone, but why not take it to the next level with a playlist or an album of songs that you have thoughtfully selected. Songs have the power to lift spirits, so feel free to dedicate a medley of melodies for that special someone. To spice things up, you can even create a theme for the album. If music is your “essential” good, why not consider this DIY gift?

Gift a Game on Houseparty

Gift a Game for a birthday during Covid-19
Shutterstock / Mattdoodles

In the absence of actual house parties, people have turned to an app called Houseparty during this circuit breaker period. Besides functioning as a video call platform, this app lets you play games with people in a virtual party that you host online. You can choose from charades-type games like Heads Up and Pictionary-type games like Quick Draw, or even trivia to compete with friends and family.

The best gift to give someone is your attention and time; it doesn’t even have to be a birthday celebration. Bring friends and family together online and give them something to smile about!

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