We’ve all heard stories of honest folks who find lost mobile phones and return them, much to their frantic owners’ relief.

But for Reddit user jeduh, who found himself in a similar predicament recently, his restored mobile phone also contained a wholesome surprise.

In a post recounting his experience, jeduh wrote that he was about to fly out from Changi Airport for work, but misplaced his phone somewhere.

Fortunately, his phone was found by two Starbucks baristas, and one of them even took the trouble to walk all the way to jeduh’s boarding gate to return it to him.

Expressing his gratitude, jeduh wrote: “I was in a hurry to get onboard and couldn’t thank them properly. So, if you can see this, from the bottom of my heart, thank you so, so very much.”

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Along with his post, jeduh also uploaded a selfie taken by the two baristas, and explained: “They used my phone to snap a pic before returning it to me haha. Kinda glad they did though.”

Going by the positive reactions to his post, many Redditors appreciated the baristas’ sense of humour, as much as they lauded their honesty. Many called it a wholesome act that has renewed their faith in humanity.

And because it’s a small world after all, one user, mulder-itsme, commented on the thread to say that they were a friend of the female barista, and offered to pass on jeduh’s thanks.

While some Redditors also expressed their admiration for her eyeliner skills (which were, indeed, on point), perhaps the greatest compliments came from user ot0ro, who called her “chio (pretty) inside, too”. Adding on, user self-curation replied in the same comment thread agreeing that that’s “the most important place to be chio”.

We couldn’t agree more.

Top Image: Reddit