Anyone who’s ever misplaced their wallet will know the panic and worry that follow.

For one Reddit user MemeStrong, the sense of loss was made worse as it had also contained several items that carried great sentimental value.

Posting about the incident on Reddit this Monday, MemeStrong did not leave any details about his or her own age and gender. However, it was mentioned that he or she spent about two hours scouring the area in the desperate hope of retrieving it.

Feeling defeated after the search came up empty, MemeStrong headed to the police station to file a report and sat outside the station to “recollect my thoughts and tried my best to control my emotions”.

MemeStrong wrote: “That was when a Malay man around the age of 30-40 came over and sat down next to me, asking me what had happened. After explaining my situation to him, he nodded and started telling me his own experience of losing a wallet. The conversation soon escalated to my personal ambitions and goals as he patiently listened and gave advice to me. I soon realized that he was honestly just trying his best to make me forget about the wallet.”

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From feeling despondent earlier on, MemeStrong could summon a smile after the conversation with the stranger, and unexpectedly picked up some valuable life lessons as well, reflecting in the post: “The most important thing is learning from my mistake, and learning to prevent it from happening again. No point crying over spilt milk.”

The man’s kindness didn’t stop there. He handed MemeStrong a $50 note just as they were about to part ways, saying it was to get him or her home, along with advice not to stay out late and to call his or her parents.

The thread led many other Redditors to share about their own experiences with losing their wallets. While some lamented that they never got their wallets back, a few others had happier, inspiring stories to share.

User Islandgirlnowhere once lost her wallet some 20 years ago, and did not have enough money for the bus fare home. Hoping to get another 50 cents for her ride, she approached someone nearby for help.

She recounted: “(The man) gave me $20. I said no, I just need some coins for my bus ride. Then Uncle said no lah, just take taxi go home, you had a hard day already. Then he shooed me off when I asked for his phone number so I could return the money to him.”

Another commended a stranger who took the effort to return the lost wallet even before its loss was noticed.

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Image Source: Shuttertock / Suriyawut Suriya

Faeleia wrote: “(I) dropped it at Tampines Interchange… and didn’t realise it until my mom called to inform me that a man had come personally to my house to return said wallet! My house isn’t even near Tampines, would have been a 1.5 hour travel.”

Just like the good Samaritan that MemeStrong met, these kind strangers didn’t ask for anything in return, and their caring act has certainly made an impression to remember.

MemeStrong’s post elicited several users saying they were touched by the story, as well as calls to pass on the kindness.

User Southpawe also posted this: “I wish with all my heart that the Singapore sub (and media in general) could have stories like these in the spotlight a lot more often. Makes people’s days brighter and encourages others to do similar things.

“Stories of kindness, overcoming hardships and positivity keeps me afloat on some days.”

Well, Southpawe, your wish is our command.