While many of us may be excitedly looking forward to after the circuit breaker is lifted, it would take some time before many of our social activities can get back to normal.

Work from home arrangements may become the new normal. Many expect that this way of living, where social interaction is kept to a minimum, is likely to continue till the end of the year.

If you have not yet realised it, we have been living with the safe-distancing measures of the circuit breaker for almost two months! Has the lack of physical social interaction been getting to you? While some Singaporeans have found out the seriousness of the measures the hard way, others are finding healthier ways of coping with the isolation. But while most of us do find the right balance, there is the risk of becoming too good at safe distancing.

As we avoid large gatherings and close contact with others, we need to remember that there is a fine line between social distancing and social isolation. Getting used to living with minimal interaction may lead us to cut off all forms of human connection completely.

The antidote to this extreme lies in kindness. Here are five ways to stay connected:

1) Keep sharing

Share your recipe online and talk about your failed baking attempts while practicing social distancing!
Image source: Shutterstock / Ronnachai Palas

Do you find yourself baking or cooking more during this circuit breaker as a way to manage your anxiety? There is nothing wrong with exploring new recipes or picking up new skills now that you have more time at home. But if you find yourself throwing away bakes from your failed attempts or getting overly upset over a missing ingredient, then take a moment to reflect.

Quit eating alone by actively sharing food with your neighbours. Consider sharing your recipe online and talk about your failed baking attempts so that everyone can learn from them. This will make your baking process a whole lot more enjoyable and sociable too!

2) Keep being a beacon of hope

While practicing social distancing, keep being a beacon of hope!
Image source: Shutterstock / Rawpixel.com

Sometimes, we read things in the news or on social media that get us upset. But before we jump to a conclusion, remember that everyone we meet is fighting a battle we know nothing about. So be kind, always.

Don’t be critical or too quick to judge, but do not stay silent either. Instead, offer a word of encouragement and support with constructive suggestions to help. Never underestimate how your words can bring comfort and ignite hope in someone’s life.

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3) Keep being conscious of alone time

Although you are practicing social distancing, you should still be conscious of alone time
Image source: Shutterstock / tuaindeed

There is much comfort and tranquility from time spent by yourself, but take note not to have solitude turn into loneliness.

Spend time to self-reflect, but remember to reach out after you are done and share your reflections with your close friends and loved ones. By opening up to others, we are also giving them a chance to share their joys and challenges with us, allowing for a heartful connection.

4) Keep looking for a change

You can look for change even if you are practicing social distancing
Image source: Shutterstock / Milkovasa

Don’t forget to be kind to yourself. Listen to your feelings and ask yourself: Do you need a change in scenery? Are you getting enough sunlight? Take time to reset and connect with nature. Go for a walk, a run, or just open up your windows to let the sun in.

If you can’t or don’t want to leave your environment, why not change it instead? Plants provide a wealth of benefits: they give you cleaner air, help you learn and work better, and give you a chance to improve your relationship with your neighbours (smile when you see them while you’re tending to your plants or offer to water their plants too)!

5) Keep setting a kind goal

Set kind goals even as you practice social distancing at home
Image source: Shutterstock / chrisdorney

Not having a goal or objective may leave you lost and unmotivated; simply going through the motions in life. By setting out daily tasks or targets to work towards, you’d be surprised to discover how much you can accomplish.

It need not be something ambitious. Simple acts of kindness can fill your life with joy. And you can even have fun doing it. Check out the Instagram AR filter on @kindnesssg to have some fun with deciding on the kind acts to do today!

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