There are three things in life with the power to make a grown adult cry.

Titanic, onions and our mothers.

Our mothers are the ones who have seen us through the innocence of childhood, the sulkiness of adolescence and the pains and joys of entering adulthood.

Whether your mother was the type to wield the rod or spoil the child, chances are there will always be a part of her that continues to fuss over you, even if you’re now in your mid 40s and already mastered the art of making your bed about two decades ago.

On 8 May, the world celebrates the maternal figures in our lives. To celebrate the occasion, we sacrificed our tear ducts to compile a handy list of the best mum-centric videos on the interwebs.

Before you go any further, it may be a good idea to have the tissue box on standby. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.


1. The Waiters’ Mom (Thailand)

How often does life get in the way of the time you get to spend with your mother? This video is one mighty guilt-trip, but of the good kind.

Tear-jerk meter: 4


2. My beautiful woman (Thailand)

Very seldom do people find out the truth before they start spreading rumours and gossiping about someone else. But one young woman doesn’t care what others say, as she goes beyond the ordinary to raise a child.

Tear-jerk meter: 4


3. Mother by choice (India)

Unconditional, instinctive, unyielding. That’s how we often describe a mother’s love, and the women in this video inspire with the lengths they would go to to empower their children.

Tear-jerk meter: 4


4. ‘Ka Fan’ (Malaysia)

We’re ambitious, we’re busy, we’re always needed somewhere. Story of our lives as young working professionals. But being constantly engaged can come at a cost – the cost of family, as this video tells us.

Tear-jerk meter: 3


5. Reduce to regain (Thailand)

A woman’s weight is a sensitive topic. But if you think weight loss is just a matter of vanity, you’ll have another think coming after watching this clip. Also based on a true story.

Tear-jerk meter: 3_5


6. Thank you, Mom

Everyone loves a great sporting story, but perhaps what we love even more is the story behind this story. The one of how an athlete’s triumphs mirrors the strength and perseverance of his or her mother.

Tear-jerk meter: 3_5


7. Every mouthful is meaningful (Thailand)

Mum truly knows best, even if you’re running away from home… or from her. This video is symbolic of most mother-and-child relationships – that even in the moments of fighting and anger, she won’t stop caring for your well-being and deep down, you know you’ll always love her too.

Tear-jerk meter: 4_5


Is your mum nearby? Go give her that hug she deserves right now.