Kindness is a daily act of putting someone else’s needs above yours. It can start small, and it doesn’t need to be big.

But sometimes a kind act grows into a movement, and that movement draws like-minded people together.

While some may shun doctors, nurses and those on the front lines fighting Covid-19, a group of volunteer drivers have stepped forward to ferry these tired healthcare professionals between home and their workplace.

Called Hero Drivers, they are recruited by ground-up movement Everyday Heroes SG. Recruitment is done via social media and to date, 70 kind Singaporeans have volunteered to provide their services for free.

Hero Drivers are educated on personal hygiene, car disinfecting procedures and are issued with masks and disinfectant – many of which are donated by the public, GP clinics and private businesses.

Befriending the homeless

Befriending the homeless and showing Singapore's Kindness
Image source: Homeless Hearts of Singapore

Started in 2014 as a four-man team reaching out to homeless persons in their community, Homeless Hearts of Singapore (HHOS) now has 25 committed volunteers regularly serving 30 homeless persons across various parts of Singapore.

When Malaysians were stranded in Singapore due to the lockdown, HHOS was among the first to spread awareness of the plight of these temporary rough sleepers, eventually connecting them to Singaporeans who welcomed them into their homes.

But it’s not just up to the tireless volunteers at HHOS, it’s something that all of us can get behind. Its co-founder, Mr Abraham Yeo, said in a multi-disciplinary panel on homelessness: “A whole-of-community approach to tackling homelessness is vital.”

It is his vision that one day every homeless person in every neighbourhood in every age group and every background will find full community support to help them reintegrate into the community.

Virtual induction on Kindness Day SG

Holding a virtual induction on Kindness Day SG
Image source: Singapore Kindness Movement

For their efforts toward making Singapore a more gracious and greater place to live in, Everyday Heroes SG, Homeless Hearts of Singapore and 13 other ground-up movements were inducted into Singapore Kindness Movement’s Kindred Spirit Circle on Kindness Day SG, which falls on Friday, 22 May.

It kicks off a month-long celebration of kindness with a line-up of online activities such as sign-language activated Facebook filters, #KindnessDaySG TikTok Hashtag Challenge, as well as #StayAtHome Kindness Kits distributed to 50,000 households in Singapore.

Mr S Iswaran, Minister for Communications and Information, said: “In the past few months, we have seen Singaporeans stand in solidarity with our frontline workers, as well as play their part by setting up Ground-Up Movements to help communities affected by Covid-19. As we cannot be present physically due to the circuit breaker measures, we can still spread kindness on the online sphere. A simple message of gratitude goes a long way in spreading positivity. I am appreciative of the efforts by the Singapore Kindness Movement, and extremely heartened by the magnanimity of this year’s inducted GUMs and VoLKs (Voices of Loving Kindness). Together, we will emerge as a stronger and more gracious society.”

Dr William Wan, General Secretary of SKM added, “I am encouraged to see Ground-Up Movements showing Singapore’s kampung spirit, stepping up to help those in need. Covid-19 has made 2020 a trying time for Singaporeans, and the world. While we still have to keep a safe distance from one another, technology has made it possible to show kindness anywhere and at any time. Let’s be a ray of sunshine to those around us to brighten their day, and I am certain that we can overcome Covid-19 as one.”

Play your part this Kindness Day by using Singapore Kindness Movement yellow Zoom background
Image source: Singapore Kindness Movement

You can also play your part on Kindness Day SG by posting a selfie with the hashtag #KindnessDaySG of you wearing yellow, holding yellow props, or using a yellow Zoom background on your video chats. The bright and cheery colour reminds us to “Make Singapore Shine” as we press on towards the end of the circuit breaker.

Kindness and gratitude can be expressed in any way, anywhere, at any distance, in person or online. Happy Kindness Day, Singapore!

Learn more about Kindness Day SG at

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Top Image: Everyday Heroes SG & Singapore Kindness Movement