So, last week, a bunch of A-listers decided to poke fun at the typical group plea notion. You know, those videos which feature lots of different celebrities saying a few words each, intercutting and finishing each other’s sentences, shouting out for a good cause? Yeah, all hail sleek editing.

In light of Red Nose Day, a campaign dedicated to saving poor children, celebrities including Ellen DeGeneres, Emma Watson and Zac Efron came together in ‘The Ultimate, Definitive, Multi-Celebrity Plea’. A brilliantly crafted short video featuring ‘everyone we know’ which begins like this:

“Red Nose Day, is an important cause. Which is why we’re doing that thing where a bunch of celebrities are edited together, so that each celebrity says one sentence or less of a heartfelt plea. Or says nothing and just looks serious.”

So say the stars, with more than an ounce of self-depreciating humour. The script is spectacular. Spelling out whimsical reasons why celebrities don’t always enjoy participating in such videos, before ending with the reminder to give to the cause, the final product drives the message across while remaining hilarious and cute (well, Zac Efron).

Watch it here.

Top Image: Youtube