Think HardwareZone’s (HWZ) Eat Drink Man Woman forum, and you might think of trolls and of borderline crass – and at-times outrightly vulgar – content.

But on Jul 16, the controversial online portal showed its kinder side, with the community rallying to show concern for a forum user who expressed suicidal thoughts.

In an original post, HardwareZone user Heartstopper wrote: “Not trolling, serious.

“I feel like I’m going to die soon. Which is all good because I actually contemplated suicide just a month ago. The only reason why I didn’t go through was because I chickened out.”

The suicidal user elaborated: “A few months ago, I broke up with a girl I love very dearly, lost my job and have some really bad family problems (one of my parents passed away). I felt, and still feel, so depressed and lost.”

The words that follow his confession are chilling: “I just want to die. There’s nothing worth living for.”

He continued: “I lost sleep. I couldn’t sleep at night. For the last three months, I only fall asleep at like 5am or 6am and wake up at 9am. As the days go by, I feel that my chest feels tighter and tighter. I think I am going to get a cardiac arrest any time.

Concluding the post, he wrote: “I just typed out my farewell note on Google Docs. I will write in on paper later.”

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HWZ users respond with words of love and support

But instead of goading or poking fun at him, many users chose to respond with kind words.

One user, IceHoneyLemon, wrote: “You can’t go yet. Your other parent still needs you.”

Several other users tried reasoning with Heartstopper. One, with the username Blusttoy, wrote: “You’re probably at the lowest point in your life, maybe things can only go up from here?”

Another, with the alias Howdeepisyourlove127, added: “Death and loss is part and parcel of life. You can cry but you have to pick yourself up. Be strong. Don’t give up on life, there is much more to it! I wish you the best!”

One user, berger, even provided the contact details of local suicide hotline, Samaritans of Singapore, with a message imploring Heartstopper to reconsider his decision.

He wrote: “Please give the future you another chance.. there’s always hope, even if you can’t see it now. If you are feeling lonely and alone, do consider giving the Samaritans of Singapore a call and talk it out.”

It’s heartwarming to see so many users – many of whom probably don’t even know the original poster – take time out of their day to pen words of encouragement and support.

So, the next time you see someone lamenting on social media, don’t be apathetic, or worse, dismissive. Take a moment to empathise with them and be compassionate.

Who knows, your kind words could make all the difference.


Helplines for those in need: