At around 6:30pm this Monday, Facebook user Marianne Su FY alighted from the carriage at South View Light Rail Transit (LRT) station accompanied by her toddlers, aged 2 and 5.

She was also laden with a bulky pram and a grocery bag, and when she reached the platform lift she frequently used, she found it under repair.

In a Facebook post, Su recalled: “By the time we found out, all the other passengers who had alighted with us had already gone down the stairs.”

Stuck without the lift and unable to manage the stairs alone, Su did not know what to do.

She tried calling her husband who was at home, hoping he could drop by the LRT station to help her, but he did not pick up his phone. Su also contemplated pressing the call button to ask the LRT staff for assistance.

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However, she didn’t need to.

“A young Malay gentleman in his 20s came back up the flight of narrow stairs and offered to help me with my pram,” Su wrote. “His dad also came back up to help my five-year-old boy walk down the long, narrow flight of stairs.”

When they reached the ground floor, Su saw the rest of the Malay gentleman’s family waiting outside the LRT gantry, for them.

In her post, Su apologised for not asking for their names. She added: “I am so grateful for your help! Thank you walking back up the stairs to help us get down when the LRT [lift broke down].”

Su ended the post with a heartfelt note: “I hope you see this post, and God bless you for your kindness to strangers!!”

As Su’s example shows, even the smallest act of kindness can brighten one’s day.