Healthcare workers in Singapore have been working tirelessly amidst the Covid-19 outbreak.

Jason Cai, founder of local ground-up movement Project Act of Random Kindness (PARK), knows that well.

In a Facebook post published on March 4, Cai wrote: “Our medical workers risk their health to fight the Covid-19 virus. Thanks to their hard work and sacrifices, the virus situation in Singapore is contained.”

Wanting to thank these healthcare heroes, Cai has started an initiative to sponsor coffee machines placed at staff areas in hospitals, made possible with the help of VendShare Coffee By The People

“A fully sponsored coffee machine can dispense 3,000 cups of coffee for the medical staff and we can write our encouraging notes for them on the machine itself,” Cai wrote.

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He added that such a machine would require $3,000 in donations, and that healthcare workers would be able to choose from various brews of coffee.

“If you would like to spread some love and encouragement to them, please let me know,” he concluded.

Cai added that he would pledge $100 to the coffee initiative, too.

A sponsored coffee machine can dispense 3000 cups of coffee. Image Source: Facebook / PARK $2 Project

Donations came flooding in

According to another post by Cai on March 9, within five days, kind donors have helped PARK raise money for over 4,200 cups of coffee for the healthcare workers, a great boost to their morale after a long, tiring shift.

However, he added that the fight against COVID-19 was far from over.

“Just when we thought that the situation is under control in Singapore, a new cluster is formed and there are more new cases,” he wrote. “This means our healthcare workers will still be at the frontline fighting the invisible enemy and caring for the infected patients.”

Image Source: Facebook / PARK $2 Project

To spur them on, Cai also asked netizens to pen some kind words for healthcare workers, which would be printed on the coffee machines.

His own message: “Thank you doctors, nurses and every hero fighting this virus in this hospital. You are the reasons why we are brave and hopeful that we will triumph eventually. Thank you for your hard work and sacrifices.”

Netizens quick to offer kind words

Netizens responded swiftly. Facebooker Paul Lee wrote: “Thanks to all healthcare workers for your selfless sacrifice for us to fight this virus. Do take care too.”

Another, Alexis Ng, commented: “Thank you for everything that you’re doing to keep Singapore safe and healthy. Please also take good care of yourself, and remember that lots of people are supporting you all the way!”

Some of these messages extended beyond the frontline to include those working behind the scenes.

Angie Ann Qi Ho said on Facebook: “Thank you Doctors and Nurses!! And not forgetting the behind the scene heroes, the admin and cleaners too!! Thank you all for your hard work and sacrifices!! It is tough but together, we will get through it!”

Netizen Sanjana Khiantani-Nimu agreed, commenting: “A big thank you to all the heroes on the frontline and those supporting from the back-end too. You are respected for your selfless service and dedication.”

Many other Singaporeans, businesses and ground-up movements have also responded by sending them care packages and thank-you notes.

Passion to help others

Speaking to The Pride, Cai revealed that he started Project Act of Random Kindness (PARK) seven years ago to encourage more acts of kindness.

Since then, PARK has helped raise funds and given out goodie bags and care packages for various groups.

“It is tiring but very fulfilling,” said Cai. “Knowing that I have influenced people to be more positive, to give more kindness, is simply priceless.

“The medical workers are our heroes. I cannot do their job, but this cup of coffee is the least I can give to them to thank them for everything they have done for us,” he added. “It is truly a great honour to serve and to make a community a better place for all.”