It was a Gojek ride service that included a delivery – of a newborn baby girl.

Describing the birth of her second daughter in a Facebook post, Nurisah Mohamed, who goes by the Facebook name Nish Ai RystApit, wrote: “On Aug 23, at about 5:30am, I started to feel light contractions.”

As she was not yet due to give birth, she initially ignored her contractions. But by 8.30am, they began happening every five minutes.

Nurisah called her husband at work to tell him about her contractions before booking a private-hire ride through Gojek to get to the hospital. Meanwhile, her husband called her sister-in-law, who lived nearby.

“She came straight from home and accompanied me to the hospital.”

It was a ride in Gojek driver Leng Khee Kwong’s car to KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital that both women are not likely to forget.

“But before we could reach the hospital, I was in [active] labour!” she recalled. “It was such a chaotic moment! I was shouting so badly because of the pain. My water bag burst, and my sister in-law said she could see the baby’s head coming out…”

Kind Gojek driver helps her keep calm

In the midst of all the chaos, the kind and level-headed Leng calmed his frantic passengers down with his thoughtfulness.

Nurisah recalled how Leng assisted them by instructing her to breathe calmly and to push, and assuring her that they were reaching the hospital soon. “The driver was very nice,” Nurisah wrote in her post.

After pushing for about 20 minutes, Nurisah ended up giving birth to her second daughter in Leng’s car. “My baby was still in my sister-in-law’s hands when we reached KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital,” she added.

Once they reached the hospital, they met Nurisah’s husband and the hospital staff, who immediately sent her to the labour ward.

Nurisah expressed her gratitude to Leng for his kindness and for being a calming influence during the entire ordeal. She also apologised for making a mess.

Nurisah gushed: “I would like to say a big ‘thank you’ to Gojek driver Mr Leng Khee Kwong for his help throughout the journey and in assisting me, and making sure we reached KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital safely.

“I’m sorry for the chaotic moments, and the mess I left in your car,” she added.

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Nurisah added that she and her husband tried to give Leng some cash in gratitude, but Leng refused to accept it. “He didn’t want it,” she wrote. Instead, “he congratulated us on the safe delivery”.

She also extended her thanks to the hospital staff, who ran towards the Gojek car to assist Nurisah and her newborn the moment they reached the hospital.

She ended her post with a prayer of thanks: “Alhamdulillah (Arabic phrase meaning ‘praise be to God’)! My daughter and I have been discharged, and she is healthy and safe.”

Friends and family leave kind comments

Since sharing her ordeal on Facebook, Nurisah’s post has been shared over 300 times, and has been flooded with kind comments from friends and family.

One Facebook user, Priscilla Vos, wrote: “Happy to know you and baby are safe and healthy! When she is older, she will have one special story about her birth!”

While another, Grace Kagomi, wrote: “Thank God for the safe delivery!!! Bless you, and your family.”

Nurisah’s sister-in-law, Fizah Ros, who was there in the Gojek ride with her, commented on her post: “Alhamdulilah such a great experience to have. Syukur (Arabic for ‘grateful’) mummy and baby is safe.”

In another comment, Fizah added: “Thank you so much to Leng Khee Kwong for the great service delivered!! So blessed to have you as the person who drove the car. Thanks for all the support given at the time my sister-in-law needed it! Apologies for the mess in your car, and may the baby bring you good luck!”

Nurisah’s mother, who goes by Facebook name Mina Mamat, also commented: “May God bless you and your family, Mr Leng Khee Kwong! You are one in a million. You saved my daughter’s life, and my granddaughter’s, too.”

The baby who had her first Gojek ride so early in life has been named Nellya Adora.