The recent spell of wet weather has left many of us in Singapore rejoicing in the cooler temperatures.

To one man, however, dark clouds and unrelenting rain can only be a great source of worry.

As a stray feeder, Jason Lau knows that many stray dogs will suffer if they are unable to find shelter from the elements. This leaves them exposed to the cold, which has dropped to as low as 24 deg C in the past week.

As such, Lau decided to whip up a warm meal of meat and rice for the strays, so as to help them keep warm.

In a post shared on the Adopt Dogs and Cats in Singapore Facebook page, Lau posted a photo of the food he prepared simmering in a large rice cooker.

Other photos in the post showed that the food was used to feed almost a dozen stray dogs as Lau made his feeding rounds.

Image Source: Facebook / Jason Lau

Lau’s caption was simple and to the point, but showed the extent of his care for the dogs: “The weather is so cold… cook a hot dinner for them.”

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The post has since been shared more than 400 times by many who were touched by Lau’s gesture, and felt thankful that he was out there taking care of Singapore’s stray dogs.

A look through the Facebook group reveals that Lau has been posting about his efforts to feed the stray dogs from as early as July this year.

Apart from sharing tips on responsible stray feeding, he has also expressed his feelings of helplessness and heartbreak on a few occasions that many of these dogs were doomed to a life on the streets.

In one such post, he wrote: “(These dogs) fall sick and get injured, who will help? I will try my very best to gain your trust and get close to you so that I can help… I will accompany you all through this journey.”

The Pride has reached out to Lau for further comments.