Facebook user Aynn DekYoung and her elderly mother have always had trouble booking private hire vehicles (PHVs).

That’s because her mother, who is physically disabled, is wheelchair bound.

Speaking to The Pride, Aynn shared that there were instances in the past when taxis and PHVs have rejected her booking – some didn’t want to ferry her as her wheelchair was too bulky, or difficult to put into their car.

But that wasn’t the case on Apr 5, when Aynn and her mother were picked up by a Grab driver, Mr Sung. Not only did he take them safely to their destination, but he also chose to waive their fare of $6.

In a Facebook post that has since garnered over 500 shares, Aynn wrote: “Masyallah! (an expression to denote thankfulness for an event or person)”

“I feel so touched,” she wrote. “The Grab driver accepted my ride, but he rejected my payment.”

“Maybe because he read my simple note to him before accepted my ride,” she wrote. “Even though it’s just $6 for a trip, it’s still money.”

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The 25-year-old banquet server was with her mother and another companion, and had booked a Grab to take them from Surin Avenue to Kovan. Aware that her mother’s wheelchair could be an issue for some PHV drivers, Aynn had sent a short note to her driver: “3 pax + 1 wheelchair”.

Mr Sung picked them up anyway.

“We didn’t really chat. All of us sat quietly until we reached our destination”, Aynn said of their journey.

Once they reached Kovan, she handed Mr Sung some cash, only to have him return it to her. “I tried to pay him, but he rejected my payment,” Aynn shared. “He said: “It’s okay, don’t need to pay”, and proceeded to help my mother out of the car.”

Mr Sung’s kind deed has also touched the hearts of many netizens.

“Kind driver. Thanks for bringing a smile to others,” one Fred Ong wrote.

“Well done, Mr Sung! For being kind and helpful, you are truly a selfless driver!” shared Facebook page All Singapore Stuff.

“To Mr Sung,” Aynn wrote gratefully, “may God bless you with every little good deed you’ve done.”

She ended the post with well wishes for Mr Sung: “Thank you once again for being kind and helpful. Drive carefully, and be safe while you’re on the road!”

Top Image: Shutterstock / abd