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Uber driver lends a listening ear to migrant worker

Receiving a booking from someone who seemed lost and troubled, Uber driver Cassandra Tan finds her first passenger on an early Sunday morning, a lone migrant worker, sitting at a bus stop. Learning that his wife in India had just passed away giving birth to their baby girl – who was to be sold off when she turns 12, Cassandra refused his journey fare, offered him money to return home, and subsequently tried to check in on the distressed man. Recounting the heart-wrenching pick-up on Facebook, well-wishes for the man and praises for Cassandra’s kindness poured in from netizens.


Hacking toys for special needs kids

More volunteers are participating in “toy-hacking” workshops, modifying regular off-the-shelf toys and turning them into more user-friendly play items for children with special needs. While non-profit organisation Engineering Good ran more than 20 sessions this year, some companies are also taking on toy hacking as a corporate social responsibility project.


Muslim boy orders non-halal food for an elderly

In a video tweeted by his accompanying friend, a young Malay Muslim boy is seen ordering non-halal food from an economy rice hawker stall, and walking to hand it to an elderly Chinese uncle seated below some HDB blocks. Despite what others could have easily assumed about him, the youngster wasn’t afraid of being judged by strangers.


good news, Singapore, skm, pride, kindness
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Air Force youngsters help carry wheelchair-bound

The lift wasn’t working, and Madam Loh didn’t know how to get her wheelchair-bound mother-in-law up to the second-storey restaurant where they were dining. Witnessing the 85-year-old elderly’s offer to wait downstairs while her family ate, six Singapore Air Force soldiers who were there celebrating their squadron anniversary couldn’t stand by and decided to carry her up the stairs. The boys also lifted her back down when the family finished their meal, prompting Madam Loh to write in to MINDEF to commend their thoughtfulness.


good news, Singapore, skm, pride, kindness
Image Source: Facebook

Lots of love for PSLE students

Last Thursday, as students received their Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) results, it was heartwarming to see the rest of Singapore cheering them on. From Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong to fast food chain McDonald’s, individuals, organisations and brands from all over the country took to Facebook with words of encouragement and support for the country’s young ones.