Like SARS in 2003, the coronavirus striking our nation 17 years on brings lessons, not just in terms of fighting the virus, but also the sense of community and unity needed to overcome this crisis.

While there are many groups and individuals coming out to encourage the workers at the frontline of the fight, more can still be done. That is why Singaporean Sandy Lim together with her team member Ernest Koh decided to get people to share their thanks for the frontliners and support staff.

Speaking to the Pride, Lim said: “It is important to show care towards those who are affected by the virus and to show gratitude towards one another, across the different communities, to build a stronger and united Singapore.”

The movement, which she calls “Stand With You”, will have four pop-up video booths at locations around the island to record the thank-you video clips from the public.

These will be edited into video montages for four categories of frontliners and support staff: Healthcare, Operations (such as cleaners, security, temperature takers), Transport (such as aviation, ambulance, taxi, bus and private hire drivers), as well as Volunteers and Public Servants (such as NSmen and teachers).

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Lim intends to upload the completed montages as a sign of appreciation for frontline workers and added that these videos can also serve as an education resource for the students. She explains: “One of our objectives is to educate people in having civic-mindedness. We hope to be able to teach the younger generation to have gratitude towards others.”

She said that the more vocal younger people can encourage their parents and older loved ones to be more expressive in showing gratitude.

Recording the video can even be a bonding session. Said Lim: “Bring your family and friends to do the video recording and we hope the culture of appreciation can be developed over time.”

A token of appreciation (voucher/hand sanitiser/mask) will be given to each participant. Participants can return them as a donation to the needy, such as the elderly or disadvantaged. Video-taking will be staggered to ensure better crowd control and temperature taking and contact tracing will be conducted.

Here are the venues and dates of the pop-up video booths:

Northpoint City

1 March, Sunday (11am – 7pm)

Our Tampines Hub (OTH)

7 March, Saturday (11am – 7pm)


8 March, Sunday (11am – 7pm)

Paya Lebar Quarter Tower 1, Huggs Coffee

14 March, Saturday (11am – 5pm)

Online submission of video clips (not longer than one minute) can be done on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter via two hashtags #SGUnited #standwithyouSG. Remember to keep your social media account public for your video to be located.